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Friday, October 19, 2012

Pretty Potions & Poisons Apothecary Event Giveaway Entry - by Ginger Brame

You are in for a real treat with Ginger’s three apothecaries; yes three!  And she made them all out of witches’ hats.  What a clever lady!  The picture above and below is of “Luna’s Lacy Apothecary".
There are so many great ideas like the dangling bottles.
This one is “Keelie’s Concoctions Apothecary”.
This one is “Perle’s Potions Apothecary”.
You can see more of Ginger’s work and details about her apothecary at her blog Bearbits.

You can find details of the giveaway by clicking on any of the Apothecary Tutorial tabs at the top of the blog.  The deadline for entering the giveaway is October 30th.


ginger@bearbits said...

Hi Laura,

Thanks so much for the terrific tutorials and for including my work here on your fabulous blog! You have so many inspiring ideas, I have to run just to keep up with the reading.

All the apothecaries and tutorial inspired creations are so imaginative. What a great thing to see so many pieces in one place.

I learned so many new and useful things making these apothecaries and much of it was in no small part due to your help.

Thanks again and all the best! Can't wait to see more!


Lululiz said...

Wow, I love her idea of using witches hats, thats really awesome. All those wonderful little touches are pretty darned good as well, love the little books.