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Friday, October 19, 2012

Pretty Potions & Poisons Apothecary Event - Giveaway Entry by Paulette Lancaster

Looks like Paulette had lots of fun creating her spooktacular apothecary.  Note her use of tassels on the sides of the cabinet.
For her Rotten Pumpkin bottle contents she used dirty sand, rubbing alcohol, orange watercolor pigment and a smidgen of water.  I’d say a pretty effective looking rotten pumpkin flesh.
I love the creepy hand and on the Eye of Newt bottle and the frog on the Bottled Slime.
You can see more of Paulette’s work and details about her apothecary at her blog Art Dust.

You can find details of the giveaway by clicking on any of the Apothecary Tutorial tabs at the top of the blog.  The deadline for entering the giveaway is October 30th.


Paulette said...

Hi Laura,
Thank you for posting my Apothecary, books and bottles. I have gotten a big kick creating it all.

So glad you hosted and posted the Apothecary Event!

genagirl said...

I love everything but the little books are so amazing! I want to go make some of my own now.

johala6@yahoo. said...

They are all wonderfull, fantastic and so funny! Thanks to all these women and you to share

VicR said...

I have been Loving seeing all of the fantastic apothecaries everyone has made, and sharing here.
So many wonderful fun ideas!
I got off to a slow start myself, and only have half finished potion bottles & books made so far, but it's a good head start for next year :)

Lululiz said...

Great bottles and books, what a fabulous apothecary.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

This is just amazing! I've never seen such detail! WOW!