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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Free Images Art Deco Period Fashion Plates – First Set

Below are a series of vintage fashion plates.  You are free to use these in your art.   To download an image, click on the image to expand it, right-click and select Save As.


ImagiMeri said...

Hi Laura,

Great images, thank you. Stop by and sign up for my giveaway. It's my birthday and I'm celebrating by giving away goodies.


SusanLotus said...

Thank you for sharing! :)
Hugs SusanLotus

smokeysmom said...

Great images! Love the Art Deco Era - thanks for sharing these with us:) Hugs, Maggie

Sheila A. said...

I clicked. I opened your blog. I gasped -- yea, really! When I see such gorgeous images and find that a very generous woman has posted them for me to use -- makes me sooo happy!!! I LOVE these! Thank you so much. I think I was born in the wrong century. Then --I remember that there was no air conditioning...and I say, never mind!

CreativSpirit said...

Thank you so much for these gorgeous images Laura, I have saved them and will surely put them to good use.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Joan said...

Thanks for sharing, these are fab images

Michele said...

these are fabulous! thank you. xo

Elaine A said...

Thank you Laura. These are just so beautiful.

Elaine Allen

gayl said...

Thank you, Laura! Great images, great generosity!