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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Paris Street Painter - Peddler's Cart - Streets of Paris Event - Video Tutorial - New Collage Sheet

On the sidewalk outside of the shops, you’ll find a street artist painting scenes of Paris.  The red awning over the peddler’s cart says “Paintings for Sale”.  Underneath is a crate full of paintings, a cashbox, and an artist palette.
There are even more paintings hanging on the outside of the cart plus another crate of paintings sitting on the sidewalk.
Next to the cart is a chair with an attached umbrella to keep away the sun while she paints.  In addition, there is an easel with two finished paintings and a paint set.  I’m guessing she is over at Cafe du Noir for lunch.
I thought adding a street vendor to the project would be cute and the inspiration for the theme of the vendor is the easy to assemble peddler’s cart pictured below.  I can see this cart working for all kinds of themes and you’ll see me doing something different with it for Christmas.
This was an easy and quick project to put together as I used multiple kits (peddler’s cart, crates & book box) and pre-made accessories (mini paint set in a box, artists pallet set, miniature easel with paintings and mini paint brushes).  To go along with this project I’ve created a new collage sheet filled with mini Paris themed paintings.  I also have some free images (awning, umbrella & mini money) for you that you will find further down in the post.  In the video tutorial below, I’ll walk you through how I assembled and decorated the kit items and how I put the scene together.

This sheet contains 27 miniature paintings of various scenes in Paris, France.


Feel free to download these images and use them in your project.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

NATURE'S ANTHOLOGY - ATC Envelope Folder with ATC Ticket Journal

This project is inspired by the AlphaStamps August Anthology ATC Mailer kit.
I decided to go with a nature theme and used a variety of collage sheet images to decorate both the mailer and inside ticket journal.  I tied my journal together with a piece of lace.

There are lots of ways you could use the mailer, for example, I think it would work great as an invitation. 

 Inside the mailer are tabs where you can insert an ATC sized card.
Below, I cover the details of how I assembled my project.  AlphaStamps is carrying all of the supplies I used which you will find in a supply list at the bottom of this post.

I started by covering the outside and the inside of the mailer with decorative paper.
I added an ATC sized card to the mailer tab.  The card is covered with decorative paper on which I printed (by running the paper through my printer) “Nature’s Anthology”.

I covered the front and back of the ATC Ticket Journal with decorative paper.

To decorate both the front of the ATC Envelope Folder and the ATC Ticket Journal I used 5 different collage sheets (see below in the supply list) that contained birds, squirrels, rabbits, bees, butterflies, snails, leaves, and toadstools.

All of the embellishment is done with paper images which make it possible for the journal to fit inside the envelope.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018


This is my first Halloween project for the season and it would make a great addition to Grimsley Village or as a standalone project.
In the woods, the witch has set up shop and in the center is a bubbling cauldron filled with ick green boiling goo.
The cauldron is mounted on a pile of bones.
Next to the cauldron are the witches spell and potion books, bottles full of magical ingredients a broom and her familiar (black cat).
On the left side of the scene, you’ll find a witches hat made from polymer clay and more potion bottles.

Moss and pumpkins decorate the scene while an owl watches over and spider hangs from a dead tree.

To go along with this project I have a new collage sheet plus a video tutorial where I walk you through how I constructed the witchy scene.

This sheet is packed with spooky books, spells & potions and mini potion labels.


Librairie Ancienne & Moderne - Old & Modern Bookstore - Streets of Paris Event

Upstairs above the Cafe du Chat Noir is the Librairie Ancienne & Moderne (Old & Modern Bookstore).
Notice the sign on the second floor.
In the lighted window, you can see all kinds of books shaded by an elegant awning.
Since the area on the second-floor sides is open, I decided to use some bay windows to create a faux business.  The first of two businesses is a bookstore.  I’ve used a 1/24 scale window as there isn’t enough room for the full sized bay windows I used on the bottom.  Even though it is half the scale of the windows below it still works well with the scale of the building.
To give the shop more presence, I added a sandwich board advertising the shop and a case of books to the sidewalk.

To go along with this project I have a new collage sheet plus a video tutorial where I walk you through how I constructed the bookshop window. 

This sheet contains bookstore themed items such an awning that is sized to fit the “Regular Bay Window – Half Scale – Large Center Window” but could also be used for your other miniature projects.  There are four posters, a sidewalk sandwich board, a business sign and lots of bookstore section shelf labels.


Feel free to download this collage sheet and use it in your projects.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

MAISON de la MODE - House of Fashion - Streets of Paris Event

Maison de la Mode is now open for business and is carrying elegant fashions and accessories.
In the bay window, you’ll find a sampling of the items the shop carries.

The shop occupies all three rooms on the second floor with doorways between each room.
Sparkling lighted (with fairy lights) chandeliers grace two of the rooms and the front bay window.
A vintage cash register sits atop a wood counter painted in complementary colors.
The hole in the floor is to accommodate an elevator which is coming soon.
The walls are decorated with sundry fashion-themed posters.
In addition to jewelry, the shop carries the lovely velvet jewelry box pictured below made from a chipboard kit.
There is a large selection of hats and gloves.
Each room is packed with all kinds of beautiful products showcased on glass shelves and in glass cases.
Throughout the shop, you’ll find lovely dresses.
The balconies are a perfect place to display the shop’s line of couture dresses.

To go along with this project I have created four new collage sheets and two digital image sets plus a video tutorial where I walk you through how I outfitted the shop.  You’ll also find a button below that when clicked takes you to a large photo album crammed with additional pictures.

This collage sheet contains a variety of box and bag designs and sizes that would work for a clothing store.  There are rectangular boxes, round hat boxes, bags and some labels.

Use these images for a collage project or glue them together to make mini fashion magazines or catalogs.

Use these images for a collage project or as posters on walls.

Use these images for a collage or miniature project.  TIP: If you are using the gloves as part of a miniature project, print the gloves multiple times and glue them together for a 3D look.

This set includes all of the images on the Mini Fashion Magazines & Fashion Posters/Magazine Covers for a total of 36 images.  Use these images for a collage project or as posters on walls and miniature magazine.
This set includes all of the images on the Mini Fashion Magazines & Fashion Posters/Magazine Covers for a total of 36 images.  Use these images for a collage project or as posters on walls and miniature magazine.


Feel free to download this collage sheet and use it in your projects.

Black Suede Paper – Purse, Dress, Jewelry Box
Acanthus Leaf Dresden Decorations – Used on Awnings