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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Halloween Haunted Village Event - PART 3 - GHOSTMORE MANOR

The Halloween Haunted House event continues with Part 3!  

Every village has its haunted mansion, a place that is whispered about, and strangers are warned not to go near.  For Grimsley Village, it's Ghostmore Manor. Some say it's cursed other say it’s full of dark magic.  Even the dastardly Cadaver and Diggers Undertakers avoid Ghostmore.
But don’t be afraid, as I know the mistress of Ghostmore Isabella, who comes from a long line of witches many of whom are pictured on the walls.
The ghost in the mirror above the fireplace is Isabella’s sister Ophelia.  It’s a long tragic story that I think had to do with lost love.
There is no dark magic here, only light.  Isabella isn’t the least bit bothered by the gossip in town and dismisses the townspeople as “nothing but a bunch of skeletons and zombies”.
The bust at the top of the staircase is of Isabella's aunt Maudlin, an absolute shrew.  The painting is of Isabella's beloved mother Estace.
Sitting on the top of Isabella's secretary (his favorite spot) is her companion owl, Dominic.  I can see that Natasha the cat (at the top of the stairs), is trying to sneak up on Dominic. 
From the view in the window it looks like it’s a full moon tonight.

Ghostmore Manor is a 7 sheet collage set or a digital image set.  Both sets include all of the images you'll need to create the manor.  You can purchase either the 7 collage sheets set or the digital image set separately or with the Ghostmore chipboard house pieces.
For those who purchase PDF collage sheets, you might find this older video tutorial of mine that covers how to how to re-size PDF formatted collage sheets, how to cut and paste individual images from the collage sheets (which is great for only printing the images you want and printing multiple version of the image) and how to re-size individual images, helpful.


The digital set includes a total of 83 images, most of which are included in the Ghostmore Manor Collage Sheet Set, plus an additional 7 images: a table, a rug, stairs, stone trim, wood trim, a large lion medallion, and cherry wood veneer.

Alpha Stamps has created some kits for the Halloween Village. Many of the products in the kits are available individually.

This is a special set with ALL SEVEN collage sheets for creating Ghostmore Manor — architectural pieces designed to make a Gothic manor.  This special set is not available as separate collage sheets.

This is a special KIT with ALL SEVEN collage sheets from the Ghostmore Manor Collage Sheet Set PLUS 4 custom chipboard houses sized for Ghostmore Manor! This kit includes the collage sheets printed on cardstock.

This is a special KIT with ALL 83 digital files from the Ghostmore Manor Set Download PLUS 4 custom chipboard houses sized for Ghostmore Manor!

For the most part, the Ghostmore Manor tutorial can be view without watching Parts 1 & 2 of the village.  However, there are some references to the products used in the other parts.

Below is a free 3/4 collage sheet for Ghostmore Manor.  The sheet contains 3 strips of stone trim for the exterior and 3 strips of wood trim for the interior.   In addition, there is a staircase.  Below the collage sheet is a free image of the cherry wood veneer that I used for the secretary.  If you purchase the Ghostmore digital image set, it includes all of the images on the free collage sheet and the cherry wood veneer.   To download, click on the images.

If you are interested in the other Grimsley Village pieces, you can find the video tutorials and supply list by clicking the links below.

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Lucy said...

Ghostmore village is incredible and very inspiring.. I love this addition to your Halloween village.

Lululiz said...

I am completely blown away by this this set, it really is stunning.

claude said...

très intéressant
thank you for these printables

Anonymous said...

More wonderful Halloween inspirations! I love your village and the manor is icing on the cake!

Angie said...

I love it! I think I'll be working on these houses all the way through New Years! You are so creative and I'm having so much fun putting together my own little Grimsley Village.

barbara macaskill said...

WOW! WOW! WOW! Your Haunted Village is absolutely stunning!!! I am in awe and when I grow up I want to be able to create just like you (in my style though)! LOL LOVE seeing your work! TFS!

Tristan Robin said...

I thought it couldn't get any better - but I was wrong - Ghostmore Manor is gobsmackingly spectacular. And those staircases!!! I have every intention of 'stealing that idea ... what a clever way to make a curved staircase - inspired!

I'm so sorry to see this event close ... when's the next happening happening? LOL

As always, exquisite work!

traci said...

Love Ghostmore Manor it is awesome. I love how you make everything look like it is so real-your paper dimensions are amazing. The outside is just as amazing as the inside takes awhile to see all the goodies you have included in the Manor. >^..^<

smokeysmom said...

Just so amazing, Laura! The Manor is truly the icing on the cake of your Haunted Village. Many thanks for your video tutorial. I love seeing how you create your masterpieces. You really have my creative juices flowing:)

Noreen said...

I love every single bit of your fabulous Ghostmore Manor! But my favorite part of it is the outside, which looks so like a mausoleum or haunted mansion. And the tiny details are terrific!

Crafty Journal

Kerstin F. said...

What a source of wonderful inspirations again and again, Laura, really fantastic!! You appear to have a wonderful sense of humour and vivid fantasy life - brilliant!! Spooky greetings from Kerstin

Ina Good said...

thankyou for all the tutorials freebies videos and yes you saved thebest for last ghostmore House village I love it all!inajrabbit@yahoo.com

HMax said...

This whole project is fabulous but I love part three the best! I do work on Halloween stuff throughout the year so this is plenty to keep me busy year round. :)

Unknown said...

The Manor is sensational! You continue to outdo yourself and I'm in awe. I have watched all parts of your videos and loved every minute of it. The thunder in the background on part 1 was an added bonus. (grin) Once again, thank you for sharing your talent. I learn a new trick every time.
- Deb

Unknown said...

Wow! Ghostmore Manor is a fantastic project to close out this series! I love how you create a 3D look from the images - especially the staircase. And now that my box of goodies has arrived from AlphaStamps, I can start working on my village - yippee!

Chark said...

gorgeous! love the inside and outside!