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Saturday, November 5, 2016


Dracula and his new bride are on their way to Grimsley Village to spend their honeymoon at the Buzzard Bed and Breakfast.  
Looks like the current guest has stayed well past the checkout date.
There is no mistaking Dracula’s hearse as it flies by using bat wing power, sporting a red “D” on the windows and Dracula’s insignia curtain clips.
Inside is the coffin lined with red and black suede.  On the lid of the coffin is the Dracula family crest flanked by silver vampire bats hanging on the edges of the coffin lid.  

With a shortage of young maidens in the area, they make a short stop for refreshments and are attended by their faithful raven butler Belvedere and wolf chauffeur Farnsworth. 

The graveyard with its rows of tombs makes a perfect setting to enjoy the full moon rising as it casts its silvery light onto blankets of clouds.  
Dracula and his bride prefer to fly when traveling which leaves the coffin free to transport necessities, in this case, a collapsible blood bar stocked with anything a blood-sucking creature would want; there’s bottled Dracula’s Reserve, Chateau Vlad, Dracula’s Kiss, Type O and Type AB.  On tap is Blood and Hair of the Dog Beer, the latter being Farnsworth's favorite.
The couple’s favorite beverage is Belvedere’s blood martini garnished with a pickled eyeball.
Looks a couple of vampire friends have flown in to enjoy the refreshments. Nothing like an impromptu graveyard party at midnight!


All you fellow ghouls, don’t sweat the details as I made have a step by step video tutorial

The hearse, coffin, bookcase (bar shelves) and stools are made from chipboard kits (love those kits).  The 6" coffin fits nicely into the hearse with room to spare. For storage purposes, all of the items in this project fit inside the hearse.  The coffin is nice and deep which made it perfect for a collapsible bar and even big enough to store the small stool under the bar shelves. 
One of the coolest aspects of the hearse is the two coach lamps with an LED light and battery powered.  The images you see in this project are from my new Dracula & Bats Collage Sheets described below.
Wall Sconce Victorian Coach Lamp
This collage sheet is packed with all kinds of vampire goodies.  Included are Dracula, his bride, faithful raven butler and wolf driver.  In addition are lots of bits and bobs to deck out a coffin blood bar and a set of curtains that are sized to fit the funeral coach.  

 This sheet contains 23 bats and bat heads.


The Buzzard Bed and Breakfast is just one of the many establishments in Grimsley Village.

Dracula Collage Sheet
Bat Collage Sheet
Happy Bat Tavern Collage Sheet
Happy Bat Digital Image Set
Bright Red Suede Paper
Black Suede Paper
Barber Shoppe Razor Scrapbook Paper
Black Woodgrain Scrapbook Paper
Funeral Coach
6 Inch Coffin Box
1:24 Bookcase
Set of Stools - 1 Inch Scale
Mini Chipboard Wrought Iron Flourishes Set
Mini Chipboard Crest Signs
Dazzles Gold Thin Lines Stickers
Wall Sconce Victorian Coach Lamp
Small Swivel Drawer Handle
Brass Drawer Pulls – Set of 6
Tiny Black Hinge Set – Painted gold or use it as the original black
1 Inch Wrought Iron Bronze Connector Filigree
Miniature Wine Bottles
Tiny Curved Hinges
Mini Glass Carafe Set
Kitchen Glassware Set
Mini Glassware Set
Mini Wine Glasses
Metal Candelabra or Light Fixture
Tiny Felt Black Bat Stickers
Miniature Flying Bats
Hanging Bat Charm
Pewter Spider Charm


Karen Mallory said...

Fantastic Laura!! Mini blood bar is so amazing. I love your stuff! Notice there is a be very afraid Halloween 2017 sign. Can't wait!!

Betsy Skagen said...

How do I put this?

So much talent...I want to be you.