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Saturday, September 16, 2017


Halloween would not be complete without a trip to Grimsley Village.  Last year we visited Dr. Deranged (the Mad Scientist) and this year it the town’s Forsaken Cemetery.
The cemetery gates have been locked for years, no one goes in and no one comes out.
Buried behind the gates are some infamous characters like Dracula and the members of the Usher family. 
Thankfully, Dracula’s coffin is chained and locked.
Ghosts float in an out of the tombs, crypts, and mausoleums.
Looks like Anita finally got a shovel but it seems that she has left some of her parts behind.
It’s rumored that a werewolf stalks the ground.  The locals lock themselves in their homes on a full moon.
This project is packed with all kinds of goodies.  Most of the large pieces are made from kits making the project easier.  The fabulous front gate is new and really sets the stage.

I’ve used a cool product called Elements to line the open grave, give texture and sparkle to trees and vines. 

Would you believe that the lighted columns are made from toilet paper tubes and tea lights.

To complement this project I have a new “Forsaken Cemetery” collage sheet and digital image set.

This sheet is packed with gruesome statues, tombstones, gargoyles, and creatures of the night.

This collage sheet contains 15 different lanterns with two of each style of lantern for a total of 30 images.

This set includes all of the gruesome images from the Forsaken Cemetery Collage Sheet and many more for a total of 54 images.  Included are:
14 Tombstones, 10 Statues, 4 Gargoyles, 6 Stone Plaques, 9 Tomb Entrances, Doors, Roof & Other Architectural Pieces, 6 Creatures, 2 Stone Drapes, 2 Moons and 1 Shovel

Sit back and relax as I reveal the secrets of the Forsaken Cemetery.




johala said...

Hello Laura
Every year I wait for your incredible creation for Halloween!!!!
I'm not deceived by this one! LOL
Wonderful work inspired by Allan Poe!
You're really gifted to create this kind of decoration.
Congratulations et kisses

Ms Misantropia said...

Amazingly creative, as usual!
Not long now... :)

Tarnished Rose said...


Marfi-topia said...

gorgeous! you do such a wonderful job of this..and your little stories to go along with the spooky photos are wonderful!
thank you!