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Friday, November 27, 2020


If you are looking for a Christmas project, perhaps I can tempt you with a Christmas Decoration Market Stall, which was inspired by a die-cut Market Stall & Base Kit, which makes assembly easy.  

The stall has four deep shelves which  I loaded with all kinds of Christmas decorations using beads, charms, paper images, boxes of ornaments, mini trees, snowmen, Santas, and nutcrackers.  You can see all the items I used in the supply list at the bottom. 

I made wreaths out of pine stems, candy canes, snowflake sequins and polymer clay slices. 

For the counter, I build a display stand to accommodate all of the cute ornaments made of glass balls filled with glitter, candy canes, polymer clay slices, charms, beads, and other mini holiday themed resin bits and bobs. 

In front of the stand is a sign (which you can download and use and is further down in the post) a 3D tree and snowman made from the Tiny Christmas Shape Set, a nutcracker made from the Mini Nutcracker Kit, and Christmas trees with a stack of packages from the Tiny Trees, Gifts & Ornaments Collage Sheet.

Trimming the counter and base are Scalloped Christmas Borders. 

To cover the market stall and for other elements, I used the 6x6 & 12x12 Hello Christmas Paper pad and Collection Kit plus the 6x6 Christmas Pets paper pad.

Below I’ll cover many of the details of how I constructed and decorated the market stall.



I started by gluing together the back and one of the sides plus the shelves. The widest of the shelves goes last. 

Next, I attached the other side, base, and roof support.

For the front counter, I attached the larger front piece and the smallest counter piece, which supports the larger counter piece.

I spray painted the market stall green then covered much of the surface with various decorative papers.


To make the bows, I cut 4 lengths of ribbon (the length is based on how big you want the bow to be) and then another four lengths that are approximately 2/3 the length of the first cut ribbon.  I put a dot of glue in the middle of each strip of ribbon then folded the ends to the middle.

Next, I stacked the longer folded ribbons in alternating directions.  I did the same for the shorter folded ribbons and then glued them together.

Finally, I made a loop from the ribbon and glued it to the center to finish the bow and hide the glue marks.


To make the ornament stand, I used a metal snowflake as the base, and a large bead to support a straw.  I inserted pinheads into the straw to act as supports for the lightweight key rings.  I cut the heads off of the pins and used beads to cap the pointed ends.  The keyrings are glued on top of the pins.  Finally, I spray painted the entire piece (which acts as more glue to keep everything in place) and added the star charm to the top.


The nutcracker is made from a kit.  In the picture below, you can see there are two sides, two arms, a stand plus two pieces that go between the side pieces.  The middle pieces are for the hat/nose and the bottom of the coat.  Lastly, there is the handle, which also fits in the middle between the two sides.  The purpose of the holes and for the middle pieces is to accommodate a wooden peg, which allows the handle to be moved up and down like a real nutcracker.

I painted the pieces first, then assembled the kit and touched up the paint after assembly.  Be careful not to get paint in the hole for the peg or in the holes in the stand or it will be difficult to insert the peg through the hole and the nutcracker in the stand.


To make the tree, I used two of the Tiny Christmas Shape Sets.  Each set contains two trees in two different sizes.  I painted all of the trees green, then cut three of them in half and glued the half pieces to the uncut tree.  This shape set also contains the components for the snowman and the stocking used in the polymer clay slice wreath plus many more items.

The sandwich board is from a kit  (I can see using this for lots of projects) and is accented with icicles from the Tiny Cardstock Icicles & Christmas Ornaments.  You’ll find the sign further down in the post; feel free to use it in your project.

BOXES OF ORNAMENTS - (seen on the second from the top and the bottom shelf in the picture below) 

I used boxes from the Holiday Bags, Tags & Boxes collage sheet and cut a hole in the lid, then backed it with transparency film.  The ornaments inside come from the Tiny Tree, Gifts & Ornaments Collage sheet.  To make them look more dimensional, I added Glossy Accents.


Feel free to download the image below and use it in your artwork.  It is sized to fit the sandwich board kid.  Right-click on the image and select the "Save File As" option.


Tiny Trees, Gifts & Ornaments Collage Sheet

Holiday Bags & Boxes Collage Sheet

Hello Christmas 6x6 Paper Pad

Hello Christmas 12x12 Collection Kit

Christmas Pets 6x6 Paper Pad

1:12 Scale Market Stall

1:12 Scale Sandwich Board Set

Mini Nutcracker Kit

Scalloped Christmas Borders

Gingerbread Cottage Buttons

Tiny Cardstock Icicles & Christmas Ornaments

Saint Nick Polymer Clay Slice Mix

Mini Red & Green Paper Bags

Bronze Ornament Toppers

1cm Clear Glass Globes

16mm Resin Christmas Tree

Mini Candy Canes

Tiny Ceramic Nutcracker Soldier Bead

Tiny Ceramic Santa Claus Bead

Mini Filled Christmas Stocking

3D Resin Christmas Tree

Flatback Resin Snowman with Shovel

Miniature Resin Deer

Unfinished Wooden Mini Snowman

Hello Christmas Polymer Clay Slice Mix

Christmas Cookies Large Polymer Clay Slice Mix

1 Inch Victorian Christmas Trees w Candles

2 Inch German Fir Trees

1.5 Inch German Fairytale Trees

Waving Snowman in Top Hat

Large Ceramic Nutcracker Soldier

Large Ceramic Santa Claus Bead

Tiny Green Sisal Wreaths

Mini Pine Fern

Wired Pine Need Stems

Tiny Christmas Shape Set

Frosted Mini Green Sisal Trees

Giant Snowflakes - Silver

Red Apples – 1:12 Scale

Mini Oranges

Green Apples – 1:12 Scale

Miniature Silver Tinsel Garland

Miniature Gold Tinsel Garland

Miniature Red Tinsel Garland

4mm Red Silk Ribbon

Nutcracker Clear Stickers

Large Hollow Silver Star Charms

Iridescent Snowflake Sequins Mix

Tiny Polymer Clay Candy Canes

Tiny Resin Christmas Embellishments

Santa Sleigh Silver Charm Set

Candy Cane Charms

Silver Double Bell Christmas Charms

14mm Clear Flat-Back Acrylic Rhinestone Stars

10mm Clear Flat-Back Acrylic Rhinestone Stars

Printed Wooden Christmas Stockings Buttons