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Monday, September 30, 2013


Thanks to all for stopping by for the Halloween Blog Hop Giveaway hosted by “The Crafty Paper” blog.  I appreciate all of your wonderful comments.

Random.Org has spoken and the winner is:  SUE YOUNG!!


Working with Collage Sheets
I get lots of questions about working with collage sheet s and digital file set images.  Things like:
  •  How to resize images on collage sheets
  • How to cut a single image from a collage sheet and print it
  • How to reverse an image
  • Digital File Sets – do you need graphics software to work with these images
  • Working with collage sheets that are in a PDF format and a JPG format

 With these questions in mind, I am creating a series of tutorials on how to work with collage sheets using the software everyone already has standard on their computer (if you are using Microsoft as your operating system – sorry Mac users I don’t know if you have the same functionality on your computers). 

I’ll be posting the first segment, which will cover working with PDF type collage sheets this week so stay tuned!

The Halloween Carnival Challenge artwork entries are due to me by October 15th. On the 16th Random.Org will select a winner for the giveaway.  I’ve already received some entries so I will start posting them for your enjoyment this week.  I’ve been adding more goodies to the giveaway pile!

The Halloween Carnival general artwork entries are due to me by October 30th.
On October 31st Random.Org will select a winner for the giveaway.  I’ll start posting the entries for your enjoyment after the Challenge Giveaway concludes on October 15th.  I’ve also been adding more goodies to this giveaway pile!

I also have lots more Halloween ATCs, Edgar Allen Poe Themed Art and other Halloween pieces to share with you throughout October.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Children Themed Halloween Cards by Various Artists

ATC by Connie Koutsourlis
ATCs by Wendy Robinson
ATC by Julia Ziemann

Friday, September 27, 2013

Another Witchy Marie Antoinette

Witchy Marie hanging out with her owl!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Witchy Marie Antoinette

How about a Gothic witchy Marie!

Sunday, September 22, 2013


I am a huge fan of the old Dracula movies (before all of the gore).  The ones where you see Dracula put his cape around the helpless female and you must use your imagination.  I also love the gothic style of old movies.

To paint the chipboard Gargoyle in the back of the piece, I used the same technique as I demonstrated in the first Halloween Carnival video tutorial to paint the tombstones. 
The floor is made from black foam core board.
The top of the table is a plastic lid and the base is the same base as the one I used to make the table in the “Stump and Owl” carnival game.
The window in the back comes in a chipboard frame.  I removed the window, papered the frame and painted the window.  Next, I glued them back together.
For the back of the piece (seen through the window) I used a piece of black foam core board.  I applied cheap bat stickers to the board to act as a mask.
I used a stencil brush to dab red paint onto the board and over the stickers.
I then removed the bat stickers exposing the black foam core board underneath.
I decided the bats weren't black enough so I applied black paint.  
Here are some of the images I cooked up for this piece.  Feel free to download them and use them in your art.  To download an image, click on the image to expand it, right-click and select Save As.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Edgar Allen Poe Themed ATC

The base of the ATC is made from a Masonite Gothic Arch.  The clock hanging from the chain moves to reveal the rest of card.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Halloween Apothecary by Maureen at Her Victorian Studio

For all you apothecary fans, checkout this super spooking apothecary by Maureen over at VictorianStudio.com.
Her apothecary is stuffed with all kinds of fabulous goodies.
The best part is that Maureen has a series of posts on her blog explaining how she created everything! 
I love the OUIJA board as the back drop.

Sunday, September 15, 2013


Here’s more Halloween fun coming at you.  Tee at The Crafty Paper blog is hosting a Halloween Blog Hop Giveaway.  You all know how I love witches apothecaries so my giveaway is the miniature apothecary pictured below that is approximately 6 1/2" x 3".
If you are interested in being in the drawing leave a comment on this post or email me using the email button in the right-hand column of the blog.  You have until September 30th to let me know if you want to be in on the drawing.  On September 30th I’ll use Random.org to choose a winner.

Now a few details on how I made this apothecary.

The cabinet is made from an  ATC Hutch Kit pictured below.  Rather than attaching the spider web pediment to the front of the hutch as you see in the picture, I attached it to the back to give me space on the top of the hutch to stack more stuff. 

The books are made from layers of chipboard and covered with decorative paper.
The skeleton legs attached to the front and back of the cabinet are the ones leftover from the Spinning Cauldrons ride.  If you have watched the Carnival Videos you saw me cut off the legs of the skeletons so they could ride in the cauldrons.  Here is where they ended up.

Most of the bottles are miniature perfume bottles.  The crystal ball is made from a clear marble and a bead cap.

If you are new to my blog and looking for more Halloween fun, check out the Halloween Carnival Event which is in full swing and runs until October 31st.  If you are also into apothecaries then check out last year’s Pretty Potions & Poisons Apothecary Event. 

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


The Halloween Carnival has finally come to town and you are all invited.  There is something for everyone but first, you’ll need a ticket.  Mr. Bones is working the booth tonight and he’ll be happy to help you.  Once you have your ticket you’ll want to check out all the carnival has to offer; lots of games, rides and of course sweet treats to tempt you.
Next, you’ll need to dig out your Halloween stash plus your tin cans, pie pans, cake pans, Tinker Toys, wooden skewers, etc.; yes, we are doing some serious upcycling with this project.  I’m going to throw lots of ideas at you to help bring the carnival to your town. 
The great thing about this project is that you can tackle as many pieces as you like with whatever resources and time you have and add to your carnival over the years.  This is a project your whole family can enjoy.

For the event, I’ve created 12 new Carnival Themed collage sheets or if you prefer there are 3 digital kits which contain all of the collage sheet images plus more. (click on the links below to see the details and to purchase the collage sheets or digital image sets.).  



I also have a free collage sheet for you to download (you’ll find it at the bottom of this post).  

The tutorials, collage sheets, and free images will not go away after October 31st.  They will continue to be available for as long as I have a blog so no worries.

Since this carnival is so large and there were some thing’s that didn’t make it into the tutorials, I will be showcasing individual pieces here on the blog throughout September plus the ones not covered in the tutorials. 

Questions – If you have any questions use the Email Me button in the right-hand column of the blog (it's the raven sitting on the ball) so that I have a way to contact you to answer your questions. 

If you are new to my blog and are into Witches Apothecaries, below is the link to last year’s tutorials for that event.

In this the video I cover making an Entrance Sign, Directory Sign, Ticket Booth, Pumpkin Pets Booth (guaranteed to bite), Boo Bash (where you can dance the night away) and the Trick or Treat Smell My Feet Give Me Something Good to Eat concession stand).

Below is a panel used to make the spider web umbrella I used on the Ticket Booth.  To download the panel, click on the image to expand it, right-click and select Save As.  Print 5 panels and assemble using the orange tab.

This video is all about carnival games.  Included are; Scary Meter, Bat the Rats, Stump the Owl, Stare Down a Gargoyle, and Dodge the Zombies.  

Video three covers carnival rides.  Included are; Haunted Carnival Carousel, Spinning Cauldrons, Ride a Witches Broom and the Black Widow Web of Horror Ferris Wheel.
Click here to watch the Tissue Paper Texture Tutorial as referenced in the video.
Haunted Carousel Pole Placement Template
To download the template, click on the image to expand it, right-click and select Save As.

Round Tinker Toy Pieces for the Ferris Wheel
I know that some of you are having trouble finding sets of Tinker Toys.  Two round pieces with the pre-drilled holes are the important parts.  I bought my set on Ebay.  

Below is a collage sheet which contains the vintage Halloween poem borders I used on many of the pieces.  Feel free to use it in your art.  To download the sheet, click on the image to expand it, right-click and select Save As.
I hope you have lots of fun creating your carnival pieces and while you are busy I will be working on more Halloween inspired art to share with you over the next two months!


Random.Org has spoken and the winners are:

Shirley Macey

Congratulations to the winners and thank you all for participating and for your fabulous comments about the collage sheets. 

Well, hang on to your brooms cause the event is about to begin!!!