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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Couture a Bejeweled Altoids Tin Dress Shop - NEW Collage Sheets & Digi Image Set

AlphaStamps May kit is aTiny Dress Shop.  For my shop, I thought I would create dresses made from images of vintage jewelry.
The tiny shop is made from Altoids tins so you can imagine how tiny the dresses are.  What gives the shop an architectural look is the 3D roof chipboard kit designed to fit the top of an Altoids tin.
I could see the items I used applied to other themes like Halloween, Alice in Wonderland, Fairies, etc.
For this project, I created two new collage sheets and digital image set.  One of the sheets is filled with dress forms that can be used standalone or layer over the chipboard dress forms from the two shape sets I used.  
The Mini Bejeweled Collage Sheet is a mini version of my older Bejeweled & Bejeweled #2 Collage Sheet.
The digital image set contains most of the images on the older Bejeweled collage sheets plus some new images.  The great thing about the digital image set is that it is easy to size and flip images and to print multiples of an image which is what I did to create my dresses.

This sheet contains three sets of different sized dress forms with each set made up of 14 unique patterns.  The dress forms are sized to work with the Dress Shop Shape Set & the Mini Paper Dolls Shape Set.  You can layer the images over the dress forms in these sets or use them standalone.
This collage sheet is a mini version of my larger Bejeweled & Bejeweled #2 Collage Sheets and is packed with all kinds of jewelry.  The images are great for smaller projects.  Use them as an accent or combine multiple pieces of jewelry to create clothing. 
This sheet contains 72 vintage jewelry images which are also found, with a few exceptions, on the Bejeweled and Bejeweled #2 Collage Sheet.    You can “jewel up” these images by adding rhinestones, Glossy Accents, microbeads, glitter, and Stickles. 

I started by assembling the roofs which are made from a chipboard kit and then covered them with Hampton Brick Scrapbook paper.   Notice the grove at the bottom, its designed to fit on top of an Altoid’s tin.

For the tins, I started by removing the lid and flattening the prongs.  I covered the back and sides with 1:12 Brick Wall Sheet which is embossed.  
I covered the surfaces on the inside with papers from the Moments In Time 6x6 Paper Pad.
To make the dresses, I used dress forms from my New Dress Form #2 Collage Sheet.  I applied the dress forms to chipboard dress forms found on the Dress Shop Shape Set & Mini Paper Dolls Shape Set and painted the bases of the dress forms black.
To create the dresses, I used jewelry images from the Mini Bejeweled Collage Sheet.  Since for many of the pieces I need multiples and flipped pieces, I also use the Bejeweled Digital Images Set.  The longer curved images and leaves work great for bodices and skirts.  Birds are great for shoulder accents and bodices.  Horizontal pieces work well for belts or connectors for long waisted dresses.  Wings turned upside down work well for collars and the use of multiple wings upside down can create a tapered skirt.
To give the jewelry more dimension, I applied Glossy Accents to some of the jewels.  You could also add rhinestones, glitter, Stickles, microbeads and metal findings.

I glued the dresses inside the tins by using layers of double stick foam tape which popped them up from the back. 

The frame I glued on top of the tin is from the Altoids Tin Facades which dresses-up the edge of the tin.  I cut away the top of the frame as it would have covered up the roof.  Next, I glued the roofs on the top of the tins.

For the centerpiece, I used two more of the Altoids Tin Facades.  I used the same paper for the roof and the main area of the frame. 

The posters displayed in the opening of the façade come from the Mini French Fashion Magazines Collage Sheet.  To the image in the front, I added a feather and jewelry images from the Mini Bejeweled Collage Sheet to the hat and used part of an image for the earring to which I added Glossy Accents.  In the center of the flower on the hat, I added a red bead.  

I glued the poster images to paper from the Moments in Time paper pad then sandwiched the images between the two facades.
Finally, I glued the edges of the Altoids tin on top of the edges of the façade.

Mini French Fashion Magazines Collage Sheet
Moments in Time 6x6 Paper Pad
Hampton Brick Scrapbook Paper
1:12 Brick Wall Sheet
Blank Altoids Tins
Altoids Tin Facades – Set of 4
Altoids Tin Roof
Dress Shop Shape Set
Mini Paper Dolls Shape Set

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

CHOCOLATIER - Chocolate Shop - Streets of Paris Event

Good news, the first of multiple tenants has moved into the building, and it is the Chocolatier.
Surrounded by beautiful bay windows crammed with delicious treats and shaded by pink and brown awnings, the Chocolate Shop is a lovely addition to the building.  
At night, the lights in the windows illuminate the sweets.
On the side are a cute wrought iron table and chair set accented with a trellis and potted plant, a perfect place to sit and enjoy your purchases and a cup of tea.
The inside is bursting with even more goodies displayed in cabinets, glass shelving, and glass cases.  From the ceiling hangs soft lighting (made with tea lights & vellum.)
The pink bags and boxes sitting around the store are from my NEW Chocolate Shop Bags & Boxes collage sheet.
To complement the shop, I’ve created a NEW Chocolate Shop collage sheet filled with posters, signage, and other shop-related images.  There is also a NEW digital image set which contains everything that you will find on the Chocolate Shop and Bags & Boxes collage sheet, plus several awnings and more posters and shop related images.  The image set details are below.
The bay windows, which I think are the star of the shop, are made using easy-to-assemble chipboard kits.  I’ve used two of the three styles for the Chocolatier.  The new Chocolate Shop digital image set contains a series of awnings that are sized to fit the new windows.   
In this video tutorial, I’ll cover architectural changes I made to customize the store, additional furnishings, lighting, bay windows, a wraparound sidewalk, signage, and new image sets.

This collage sheet includes images to decorate the inside and outside of a chocolate, patisserie, or cake shop.  Included are posters, signs, a clock, and chocolate-themed invoices.  Click on the image below to purchase this collage sheet.
This collage sheet contains a variety of Chocolate Shop box and bag designs and sizes.  Some labels fit the round and square cookie tins and the narrow matchbox carried by AlphaStamps, a label that fits a standard small matchbox, and various other sized labels.  Click on the image below to purchase this collage sheet.
This digital image set includes items to decorate the inside and outside of a chocolate, patisserie, or cake shop.  There are 69 images, including those found on the Chocolate Shop & the Chocolate Shop Bags & Boxes collage sheet.  Images included are listed below
  • Paris Shop Scene
  • Wrought Iron Door
  • Clock
  • 15 Posters
  • 6 Signs
  • 2 Window Glass Signs (These fit the 2 column and large center window rectangular bay windows)
  • 7 Bags & Boxes
  • 4 Invoices
  • Five sets of easy-to-assemble window awnings in three styles.  Two of the styles come in both large and small sizes. Included are trim pieces with lettering and trim without allowing you to customize the trim.  The awnings fit the three styles of Rectangular Bay Windows, or you can use them over the windows and doors of the French Quarter Two Story Room Box.
To purchase this digital image set, click on the image below.


NOTE: Since I have covered making the sweets and display cases in other videos, in this tutorial, I’m going to focus on putting the Chocolate Shop together.

Feel free to download the stained glass image to use in your projects.

Architecture Trims Download - Digi Image Set – White Tile – Ceiling
Scalloped Gingerbread Trim Strips – Trellis Extension
¼ Inch Square Wooden Dowels – Ceiling Supports
Baroque 3 – Medallion & Filigree Silicone Mold – Window Accents
5 Inch French Doilies - Windows
Rectangular Bay Window – 2 Columns
Rectangular Bay Wind – Large Center Window
1:12 Bookcase – Used 2
Tiny Plant Table
4” Brown Glassine Paper Doilies – Used on the table
Wrought Iron Shadowbox Header
Miniature Vintage Cash Register
Dazzles Gold Thin Lines Stickers – Windows, Lighting, Glass Shelves Trim
Miniature Creeping Vine Garland
3 Miniature Vases
Chipboard Wrought Iron Flourishes Set
1-1/2 Inch Tall Wooden Flower Pots
Folding Screen Fretwork Insert
Miniature Antique Brass Door Pulls
Pair of Fancy Mini Hinges w Pins
Miniature Brass T Hinges
Raw Brass Long Filigree – Square - glass shelves
Rectangular Bronze Filigree – Bay window glass shelves
Glass Microscope Slides
Elegant Borders Clear Stamps Set
Antique Gold Rope-Edged Rondelles – Used 2 per light
Verdigris Rondelles
Victorian Gold Metal Patinas Paint
Remnants Scrapbook Paper - Beaumont – I used 4 sheets, including the extension.  If you don’t do the extension 3 sheets are enough
Remnants Scrapbook Paper - Mini Remnants - Floor
Red, Ivory & Pink Patterns Scrapbook Paper Set – Used the pink strip for a window.  I’ll be using the red stripe for the Café window.
Heartland Scrapbook Paper – Red Rose Ball – Used for a window