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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Cigar Box Chests by Creative Team Members Julia Craighead and Marilyn Miller

In this post, I have some beautiful chests to share with you made by sisters Julia and Marilyn.
Julia’s chest is brimming with gold, red and sparkle.
She used 3 cigar boxes to build her chest.
The first box opens from the top and the second box has a drawer that pulls open.
The boxes are decorated beautifully both inside and out and accented with brass hardware, glass knobs and brass feet.
The front panel on the bottom box opens for access to the box.

Marilyn went for a vintage style for her chest.
The first box opens on the top.  The box already had an extra flap inside the box which she left in place.
Just as Julia’s chest does, Marilyn’s chest has a drawer in the second box and the front panel opens on the bottom box.
Thanks ladies for sharing your beautiful work!  I’m lucky as I saw them in person and the pictures don’t do them justice.

If you missed the tutorial on making a cigar box chest here is the link.