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Wednesday, September 4, 2013


The Halloween Carnival has finally come to town and you are all invited.  There is something for everyone but first, you’ll need a ticket.  Mr. Bones is working the booth tonight and he’ll be happy to help you.  Once you have your ticket you’ll want to check out all the carnival has to offer; lots of games, rides and of course sweet treats to tempt you.
Next, you’ll need to dig out your Halloween stash plus your tin cans, pie pans, cake pans, Tinker Toys, wooden skewers, etc.; yes, we are doing some serious upcycling with this project.  I’m going to throw lots of ideas at you to help bring the carnival to your town. 
The great thing about this project is that you can tackle as many pieces as you like with whatever resources and time you have and add to your carnival over the years.  This is a project your whole family can enjoy.

For the event, I’ve created 12 new Carnival Themed collage sheets or if you prefer there are 3 digital kits which contain all of the collage sheet images plus more. (click on the links below to see the details and to purchase the collage sheets or digital image sets.).  



I also have a free collage sheet for you to download (you’ll find it at the bottom of this post).  

The tutorials, collage sheets, and free images will not go away after October 31st.  They will continue to be available for as long as I have a blog so no worries.

Since this carnival is so large and there were some thing’s that didn’t make it into the tutorials, I will be showcasing individual pieces here on the blog throughout September plus the ones not covered in the tutorials. 

Questions – If you have any questions use the Email Me button in the right-hand column of the blog (it's the raven sitting on the ball) so that I have a way to contact you to answer your questions. 

If you are new to my blog and are into Witches Apothecaries, below is the link to last year’s tutorials for that event.

In this the video I cover making an Entrance Sign, Directory Sign, Ticket Booth, Pumpkin Pets Booth (guaranteed to bite), Boo Bash (where you can dance the night away) and the Trick or Treat Smell My Feet Give Me Something Good to Eat concession stand).

Below is a panel used to make the spider web umbrella I used on the Ticket Booth.  To download the panel, click on the image to expand it, right-click and select Save As.  Print 5 panels and assemble using the orange tab.

This video is all about carnival games.  Included are; Scary Meter, Bat the Rats, Stump the Owl, Stare Down a Gargoyle, and Dodge the Zombies.  

Video three covers carnival rides.  Included are; Haunted Carnival Carousel, Spinning Cauldrons, Ride a Witches Broom and the Black Widow Web of Horror Ferris Wheel.
Click here to watch the Tissue Paper Texture Tutorial as referenced in the video.
Haunted Carousel Pole Placement Template
To download the template, click on the image to expand it, right-click and select Save As.

Round Tinker Toy Pieces for the Ferris Wheel
I know that some of you are having trouble finding sets of Tinker Toys.  Two round pieces with the pre-drilled holes are the important parts.  I bought my set on Ebay.  

Below is a collage sheet which contains the vintage Halloween poem borders I used on many of the pieces.  Feel free to use it in your art.  To download the sheet, click on the image to expand it, right-click and select Save As.
I hope you have lots of fun creating your carnival pieces and while you are busy I will be working on more Halloween inspired art to share with you over the next two months!


Maureen said...

Yay it 's here! I can't wait to watch your videos; it looks amazing! You must have been working months on this... Thank you for your inspiration and awesome ideas! Off to watch now.

bobbie said...

Laura ~

You have completely out-done yourself this year ~ SO fantastical!!

KAT said...

Laura - awesome job. The carnival is fantastic.
I will be getting started tomorrow.

Nichola said...

YOU are out of your ever loving mind! AMAZING! What a talent you are :)

johala said...

Dear Laura, it's simply..........
I want to make one, not the same, because this one is yours, but it's a so extraordinary idea!!!
Not this year, I've no time to make it, We're painting the living room this month and take care about my new baby cat, and my brother will get maried on the begining of October... so , too many thing to do, but it gives me one more year to make it!
CONGRATULATIONS and big kisses!
May I put on my blog, please , some picture of your Halloween creation from past year????

Theresa said...

wow. This is amazing...so much to look at....I am LOVING it!

Unknown said...

I always love your events!! The talent, time, and creativity that go into these are amazing!
I so admire your work and the way you explain everything in terms regular folks like me can understand!!
I am looking forward to seeing more of your work!!

Happy Crafting

Rhea said...

Super sweet as always Laura!

Laura S Reading said...

Anticipation is always sweet but you deliver so much mmore than we expect. You are too good to us!
I know this is for circuses, but you present the GREATEST SHOW on Earth and the web!
Thank you!

sheilaAR said...

Laura, it's a good thing thing there is texting for I cannot get my jaw off the ground.

Seahorse Ranch Girl said...

OOoohhhh! I need to unplug my computer 'cause we have lightening storms coming through...but I HAVE to watch the tutorials. That scary meter has my name all over it.

traci said...

WOW!! I am speechless. What an awesome project I can't even begin to imagine how long it took to make all of this-awesome. I keep thinking my cats will destroy it and the dust it would accumulate as I would have to keep it out forever-too cool!!

Anonymous said...

Overwhelmed !!! I am 3 hr. ahead of you. Stayed up till 2 a.m. Enjoying everything. Now we're to begin?

Diane at Craftin Your HeART Out! said...

Literally speechless! Laura, this is absolutely amazing. Your thoughtfulness to take, I'm sure, the endless hours to create all of this and then share it with all of us is heartwarming. Your talent is endless and you are definitely one of a kind. Your tutorials are perfect and the PDF Files that go with them are perfect. Thank you so much for sharing this.

Take care,

Karen Mallory said...

I can't believe how freakin fantastic this carnival is. Can't wait to get started! You sure have some amazing talent!
hugs Karen

Carlene said...

All I can say is WOW! I wish I wasn't at work so I could start watching the videos NOW! What an amazing thing you have done Laura, thank you so much for putting this all together. And sharing all these goodies with us. You're the BEST!

Cocofolies said...

WOW WOW WOW, what a fabulous event in view!!! Brilliant work Laura!!! and a lot of work for all the tutorials I guess, so thank you very much for all these wonderful materials. I'm sorry, I can't participate to your challenge since I don't have any collage sheet from you yet, but I promise that I will buy some and try one day! Happy Halloween Lol and creative day Coco xx

smokeysmom said...

OMG Laura! These are amazing! There's no way I could make any of these items but I love watching you create them :) As I have said many times before, your creative talent never ceases to amaze me. Love the videos!

This N That said...

Too much for me Laura..I'm overwhelmed..Super job!! Thanks for sharing..

Unknown said...

Wow, What an amazing Carnival! I love visiting your blog. There is always something new and exciting. It’s hard for me to find the words to express how I feel. I cannot image the hundreds of hours it must take to create all these wonderful pieces. Then many more hours to film the videos and then even more precious time to edit and get them ready for viewing. Collage Sheets and PDF instructions. Whew! (And what do you do in your spare time? LOL) Just want you to know how very much I appreciate your devotion. Your videos are excellent. Following along with you is such a pleasure. You take the mystery out of making these things that otherwise seemed impossible. Thank you for sharing your knowledge so openly. I truly admire your attention to detail in everything you do. You inspire me to do my very best. And I have to ask: Was that a real fly in your video or a sneaky trick to see if we are paying attention? LOL Yes, I’m paying attention alright! Keep up the wonderful work.
Deb Moon

Maureen said...

I've so enjoyed watching all your videos (multiple times, I will admit). What a great imagination you have to come up with all these wonderful ideas. I hope to try to make a carnival piece, but I just posted after finally finishing my potions set you showed last year! Well, there is still lots of time... hmmmm.

Anyway, thank you so much for sharing all your awesome projects!

Vic's Creations! said...

So much fun! Almost finished the ticket booth and the haunted carousel! Waiting for all the glue to dry before I finish adding more spooky decorations. Your great instructions are making it do able! I think I'll also give the boo bash a try! Need more skeletons!

Anonymous said...

All those single projects are absolutely marvellous! Love it! Also thanks a lot for your wonderful tutorials!
best wishes, serafeena

Magaly Guerrero said...

This is amazing... I shall look and ride and celebrate from the sidelines. I'm not very gifted with my hands, but I can watch, imagine and write tales about it.

Have a blast!

Elizabeth said...

I am dumbfounded by your creativity and generosity in sharing these projects! Amazing!

janice said...

You are totally amazing! This is such fantastic work, your imagination is boundless!

Anna's Altered Art Addictions said...

I have entered into your Carnival please visit my blog at annas altered art addictions at blog spot.com Enjoy and thank you for the opportunity to create more art!

stanky said...

Absolutely beautiful!! BUT DID ANYONE SEE THE REAL SPIDER IN THE FIRST VIDEO (towards the end) I was totally freaked out, and you didn't even notice it! But then it crawled under some stuff. I hate spiders eewwwwww