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Saturday, September 17, 2022



Ghoul & Sons Chemist, a trusted name for 500 years.  All of their best customers are underground.  You can see the boys are hard at work in the lab.  Inside, Mr. Ghoul is busy creating who knows what, and I think he's got a skeleton in his cabinet, maybe a secret ingredient of one of his potions.

At long last (just in time for Halloween), the Large Haunted House Chipboard set is back in stock at AlphaStamps.  These chipboard house pieces are the base of many of the Grimsley Village pieces, along with the Black Chipboard Windows Set

If you are interested in the other Grimsley Village pieces, you can find the video tutorials and supply list by clicking the links below.

Grimsley Village Part 1 (which includes)
Happy Bat Tavern
Grizelda's House of Beauty
The Retching Toad Eatery
Ghoul & Sons Chemists
The Thrifty Witch
Grimsley Village Part 2 (which includes)
Black Cat Emporium
Buzzard Bed & Breakfast
Cadaver & Digger Undertakers
Village Square

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johala said...

Hello Laura. I allways loved what you created for Halloween! And I like this new one too! Your work is more and more sophisticated!
Hugs and kisses