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Sunday, February 25, 2018


I thought I would give you a heads up on a new project I’ll be rolling out over the spring & summer months. It all started with this rubber stamp set (which you can purchase at AlphaStamps) which caused me to spend the past few months combing through pictures of Paris shops.  

The result is that I decided to construct a series of Paris shops.  Of course, I intend to share every detail with you (lots of techniques, tips & tricks) and I hope you’ll have as much fun as I’ve been having.

On March 1st I kicked off the event with a tutorial on how to make miniature glass display cases.  This will be followed (every couple of weeks) by tutorials covering other miniature goodies you might find in Paris shops.  There are four sets of tutorials available now, see below.  All of these tutorials will lead up to creating the shops themselves which will include:

Apothicaire - Antiseptiques Diagnostics Ordonnances Pharmacie
(Apothecary Antiseptics Diagnostics Prescriptions Pharmacy)

The third tutorial, MINIATURE Purses, Shoes, Perfume Bottles, Cosmetics & Jewelry is now available.  Click here for details.
The fourth tutorial covering how to build the structure that will house all of the shops.  Each shop will be covered in a separate video.
The fifth tutorial covering putting together the chocolate shop.
The sixth tutorial covering putting together the cafe.
The seventh tutorial covering putting together the flower shop.

Mason de la Mode
The eight tutorial covering putting three rooms and a bay window for a house of fashion.

Libairie Ancienne & Moderne
The ninth tutorial covering a bay window for a bookstore.

Street Painter - Peddler's Cart
The tenth tutorial covering a mini outdoor scene of a street painter located in front of the shops.


Margie said...

Sounds very interesting - I look forward to seeing your work Laura.

Jeanie said...

Fun, Laura. And did you do the splendid painting on your banner? I love it!

Linda Knox said...

How exciting. Can't wait.

Jackie P Neal said...

This sounds so fun and so exciting Laura! Looking forward...
Jackie xo

Carmen Conners said...

Ok Laura...I’m going to HATE myself for this, but I feel it’s only fair to mention: why aren’t you charging for these tutorials???? I’ve paid for less instruction, substandard (compared to yours) construction, and I’m simply mystified as to why you go through all this trouble for free!!! I get that, as an artist, it’s about sharing. BUT, there are a decent number of us (I hope!) that would love the chance to pay it back to you. Ive CASEd more of your stuff than anyone; in fact, I’ve done this with more of yours than all the rest, combined. You’ve given enough away for a lifetime..;come on, let us help!!! If you insist, you can refrain from charging me, since it was my idea. But that’s it. ���� no matter what, thank you for all the tutorials and hours you’ve spent photographing and video taping on our behalf. I’m a huge fan-as you know, by now-and I truly appreciate everything you do? And yes.:.you better believe I’m making the French village!!!

Diane D. said...

I love Paris! I've been there many times so I am so excited to see this series of stores!