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Wednesday, February 28, 2018


I’m kicking off the Streets of Paris Event with a tutorial that demonstrates easy ways to create unique and elegant miniature glass display cases. You'll see these display cases again in future shop tutorials.
With just a few supplies, such as microscope slides rondelles, beads, and filigree, you can create beautiful display cases.   
A chipboard box, microscope slides, and a few other elements combine to make lovely display cabinets.  Using a chipboard box, some hardware, and picture frame glass, it's easy to assemble a single or double-tiered floor display case.
If you’re not into making furniture, no worries, as I’ll demonstrate how to jazz up three pre-made cases currently carried by AlphaStamps.
By looking at the contents of the cases, you'll get an idea of some of the miniatures goodies I'll be covering in future tutorials.  In the next tutorial in the series, I'll demonstrate how to make the yummy sweets you see below.  I have some tricks up my sleeve for making simple chocolates and pastries.  Also, I'll show you how to make polymer clay treats, plus introduce you to several cool tools to make the process easy.


Feel free to download and use these images in your project.  I've included both a regular and reversed version (per my suggestion in the video tutorial).

As I mentioned in the video, I used many of the same products for each of the cases.  I’ve broken down the list for each display case to make it easy.  The best way to see the entire supply list is to click on the link below.

Simple Pastry Stand
Glass Microscope Slides - 2
Small Metal Box Feet – Tree Bark 
Antique Gold Roped-Edged Rondelles -4
Lrg Hole Plastic Corrugated Rondelle - 2
Raw Brass Box Feet - Cones - 2

Fancy Pastry Stand
Glass Microscope Slides - 4
42x30mm Antique Gold Diamond Filigree - 2
Sparrow Compass Brass Link – 4
Antique Square Open Fleur Filigree - 4
Raw Brass Box Feet - Cones - 2
6mm Round Corrugated Metal Beads – 6
Antique Gold Roped-Edged Rondelles – 2
Large Hole Plastic Corrugated Rondelle - 6

Long Glass Case
Glass Microscope Slides - 6
Set of Tall Cabriole Table Legs – 2 Sets
Mini Rustic Door Handles - 2
Smoke Grey Suede Paper

Short Glass Case
Glass Microscope Slides - 2
Antique Silver Swirl Cone Bead Caps
Mini Rustic Door Handles - 1
Smoke Grey Suede Paper

Upright Glass Case
Store Cabinet Base
Thin Ornate Filigree - 2
Slender Cabriole Table Legs – Set of 4
Romantique 6x6 Paper Pad
Large Silver Plated Brass Suitcase Handles
12 x 12 Clear Plastic for Windows
Small Square Brass Hinges - 2
Silicone Mold – Architectural Flourishes

Single Tier Glass Case
Antique Gold Roped-Edged Rondelles – 8
Lrg Hole Plastic Corrugated Rondelle – 8
Raw Brass Box Feet - Rounded - 4
Romantique 6x6 Paper Pad
Store Cabinet Base
Mini Floral Dresden Borders - Antique Gold
Art Décor Silicone Mold - Renaissance

Double Tier Glass Case
Antique Gold Roped-Edged Rondelles – 8
Lrg Hole Plastic Corrugated Rondelle - 12
6mm Round Corrugated Metal Beads – 4
Raw Brass Box Feet - Rounded - 4
Romantique 6x6 Paper Pad
Ornate Brass Box Feet
Store Cabinet Base

Long Store Display Case - White
Tiny Dot Dresden Borders – Black
Silicone Mold – French Flourishes

White Store Display Case - Angled Sides

Small White Store Display Case


johala said...

Hi Laura
I'm waiting for the final result! I'm sure it will be fantastic !!!

Jackie PN said...

Absolutely amazing!!! How do you do it??my fingers are not that nimble- that is for sure!
Jackie xo

Roxanne said...

oh I Love this idea....I have saved some small open front boxes for this very idea.....I have several small dress forms and also hat and hat box dies...lots of items to put in lil' French shops and now will have the perfect inspiration to get it started! Thanks Laura for all you do and share! :)

Betsy Skagen said...

Beautiful work as always Laura. You remain one of my all time favorite inspirations.

StevenHWicker said...

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Mike Brown said...

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