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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Librairie Ancienne & Moderne - Old & Modern Bookstore - Streets of Paris Event

Upstairs above the Cafe du Chat Noir is the Librairie Ancienne & Moderne (Old & Modern Bookstore).
Notice the sign on the second floor.
In the lighted window, you can see all kinds of books shaded by an elegant awning.
Since the area on the second-floor sides is open, I decided to use some bay windows to create a faux business.  The first of two businesses is a bookstore.  I’ve used a 1/24 scale window as there isn’t enough room for the full-sized bay windows I used on the bottom.  Even though it is half the scale of the windows below, it still works well with the scale of the building.
To give the shop more presence, I added a sandwich board advertising the shop and a case of books to the sidewalk.

To go along with this project, I have a new collage sheet plus a video tutorial where I walk you through how I constructed the bookshop window. 

This sheet contains bookstore-themed items such as an awning that is sized to fit the “Regular Bay Window – Half Scale – Large Center Window” but could also be used for your other miniature projects.  There are four posters, a sidewalk sandwich board, a business sign, and lots of bookstore section shelf labels.  To purchase this sheet, click on the image below.


Feel free to download this collage sheet and use it in your projects.

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