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Wednesday, March 28, 2018


The Streets of Paris project event continues with fashion accessories.  In this video tutorial, I’ll cover transforming cheesy miniature purses and shoes into something that looks elegant and expensive.  For even more purse options I've created a NEW Mini Purses collage sheet and digital image set of purses and complimentary embellishments.

I’ll show you how I made perfume bottles from beads and I’ll also cover premade bottle options.  You won’t believe how easy it is to make powder boxes and compacts.  And lastly, I’ll cover making all kinds of jewelry and the methods I used to display them.  

You'll be seeing all of these accessories again (plus hats and dresses) when I cover constructing the Maison de la Mode (The House of Fashion).
Mixed Set of Doll Purses
The hidden beauty of the plastic purses is the detail embossed on the plastic.  By using paint and dimensional embellishments to accents the details, it’s easy to transform the purses into something that looks elegant and expensive.
Using my new Mini Purse Collage Sheet or Corresponding Digital Image Set you can make 3D paper & fabric purses.
Mixed Set of Doll Shoes
Using the same method I used for the purses, I transformed plastic shoes into fashionable footwear.


By combining beads and metal bits, it’s easy to make all kinds of lovely perfume bottles.  I've used my Mini Perfume Bottle Collage Sheet to add labels to many of the bottles.

For those less adventurous, pre-made bottles are an option.


I’ve used rhinestones, various chains, jump rings and head pins to create rings, bracelets, and necklaces.

To display some of the jewelry, I've made display boxes out of polymer clay.

I thought a fun thing to add to the fashion shop would be some cosmetics and to that end, I’ve created a NEW Mini Cosmetic Labels collage sheet.

I’ve used the sheet for the lids of the powder boxes and compacts.


This sheet contains 21 unique vintage powder box labels and compacts with two or more different sized versions of each.  Also, there are four vintage cosmetic themed posters.
This sheet contains ten easy to fold and assemble purses along with images like beaded appliques and jeweled bits that can be used as accents.  The purses come in three unique patterns.  The pattern is printed lightly on the purse in a coordinating color to make it easy to score and fold.
This image set contains all of the easy to fold and assemble purses, beaded appliques and jeweled bits found on the Mini Purses collage sheet plus four additional purses.  The purses come in three unique patterns.  Use dimensional or the included paper embellishments as accents.  The pattern is printed lightly on the purse in a coordinating color to make it easy to score and fold.  Also included are three unique patterns that can be printed and glued onto decorative paper or thin fabric to make even more purses.



Gold Countertop Mirror – Oval
Mini Wooden Make-up or Jewelry Box
3mm Rhinestone Chain – Green & Blue Mix
3mm Rhinestone Chain – Pink Mix
2mm Rhinestone Chain Crystal
Mesh Rhinestone Ribbon – Gold
Mesh Rhinestone Ribbon Red
Black and Silver Carved Saucer Beads
Dazzles Gold Tin Lines Stickers
6mm Raw Brass Bead Caps or Knobs
Resin Mini Perfume Bottles with Box
Bronze Paris Perfume Bottle Charm
Eau de Toilette Silver Perfume Charm
Green Resin Perfume Bottle
Pink Resin Perfume Bottle
Red Resin Perfume Bottle
Yellow Resin Perfume Bottle
Resin Mini Perfume Bottles with Bow
6mm Filigree Beads
12x8mm Amber Glass Rectangular Beads
12x8mm Green Glass Rectangular Beads
12x8mm Clear Glass Rectangular Beads
12x8mm Amber Glass Rectangular Beads
15mm Clear Pear-Shaped Faceted Czech Glass Bead
8mm Faceted Clear Glass Cube Beads
DIY Potion Bottles Bead Mix
12 x 8mm Pink Glass Rectangular Beads
12 x 8mm Red Glass Rectangular Beads
12 x 8mm Blue Glass Rectangular Beads
9mm Antiqued Swirl Bead Cap
4mm Raw Brass Smooth Rondelles
6mm Filigree Beads
Small Looped Bead Caps - Gold
Red Czech Glass 4mm Smooth Rondelles
Mixed Set of Doll Purses
10mm Tiny Tassels – Mixed Colors
3mm Brass Flat-Back Studs
Posh Purses Buttons Set
Loopy Flower Antique Gold Bead Caps
Raw Brass Flourish
¼ Inch Gold Metallic Braid
Black White & Gold Flat Braid
Black Suede Paper
Mixed Set of Doll Shoes
Head of Heels Shoe Buttons
Raw Brass Fancy Fleur de Lys
Glass Microscope Slides
Tim Holtz Mini Foundations Box Feet
Large Fancy Oval Beads - Silver
Ornate Filigree - Silver
Mini Cake Stand Kit
6mm Round Corrugated Metal Beads
Square Bronze Upholstery Studs or Miniature Bases
Antique Gold Rope-Edged Rondelles
Plastic Serving Tray


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Cynthia said...

so pretty! I think I love the little perfume bottles and "compacts" the best, but the shoes and purses are really beautiful, too.

Jackie PN said...

This is all too Amazing to take in!
Laura, your work in miniature totally astounds me! I so love the transformation of the shoes and purses! There are a couple of sets there I'd be wearing! LOL

Wow! Thanks so much for sharing your time and talent!
Happy Easter to you and your loved ones!
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