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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Free Images Deco Ladies – Fifth Set

Below are a series of vintage fashion plates.  You are free to use these in your art.  To download an image, click on the image to expand it, right-click and select Save As.


Linda said...

I'm always looking for images from that period. Thank you!

Outi said...

Beautiful images! I'd love to use these in my art journal. Thank you ever so much.
Hugs Outi

lilyandthelotus.blogspot.com said...

wonderful images..you are so generou thank you.
my prize is framed now..truly wonderful.

nelda said...

Oh my! What wonderful images! Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

Unknown said...

Merci pour ces ravissantes dames si élégantes d'une autre époque. Bon week-end.

Electra said...

These are beautiful! Thank you!

Sheila A. said...

I think that I born in the wrong century -- gorgeous. Thank you so much.