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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Alice in Wonderland Tarot Cards, Wonderland Scene, New Collage Sheets and Digital Image Set

I’m kicking off the New Year with a trip to Wonderland where anything is possible. When I saw this month’s kit at Alpha Stamps all I could think of was Alice, and with a set of Alice tarot cards, you can unlock your own future.
In addition to the tarot cards, I was itching to build a diorama.  The small playing cards were the inspiration as I thought they would make a great house of cards, and if Alice was queen, she might enjoy stacking them.
For the projects, I created two new Alice themed collage sheets and a digital image set.  I've also created a free tarot card label/banner half collage sheet that you can download and use for your own tarot cards.

You can find all of my collage sheets and digital image sets at Alpha Stamps.

This collage sheet is loaded with my favorite Alice in Wonderland characters.
The Wonderland sheet has various elements to create Alice’s Wonderland.

The 62 files are in .png format.  PNG format files have a transparent background so are easy to layer over other digital images.  You can open .png files using most image management programs like Photoshop Elements.  Digital collage sheets and digital images can be saved to your computer and printed as many times as you wish.
The Alice in Wonderland digital image set includes all of the images in both the “We’re All Mad Here” collage sheet and the “Wonderland” collage sheet.  It also includes 14 more images listed below:
  • Large versions of 3 teacups
  • A second teapot
  • Alice in a chair with Dina
  • Bush
  • Large perspective checker floor
  • An additional playing card border
  • The Mock Turtle, Alice and the Griffin
  • Mushrooms
  • Red Curtains
  • Knave with crown
  • 2 Trees
  • Another white rabbit

The bases of the cards are made from blank playing cards.  The frames you see on each card are from the Wonderland collage sheet and the Alice in Wonderland digital image set.
I used double stick tape to pop up the frames.  I attached some of the images behind the frames and some on top.

To download the collage sheet, click on the image to expand it, right-click and select Save As.

“We’re All Mad Here” Diorama
The base of the diorama is made from two layers of foam core board.  I cut the centerpieces of foam core 6”x6” and used the checkerboard paper from the Star-Crossed 6x6 Paper Pad to cover the base.
After I decided how large I wanted the stone arches to be, I added two more foam core panels measuring 1 1/2” x 6” each to the sides of the main panel.  These panels are covered in the Yesterday Papillion scrapbook paper.
To make the house of cards, I glued the cards together in a v-shape.  The v-shaped cards are glued to the base.  Next, I glued a row of cards to the top to make the base for the next layer of cards.  Each layer of v-shaped cards has one fewer set of cards than the next.  
At the top, I attached a red lacy paper heart by gluing it into a hole I punched in the cards before I glued them together.
The stone archway is glued to the back of the base.  Tip:  I wanted the bottom of the archway to be at the top of the base which means that there is nothing that I could use to glue the arch to the side of the base.  When using free-standing images I always back them with paper to give them support.  The solution was to have the backing paper to extend past the bottom of the arches and to use the backing paper to glue the arches to the side of the base.
I glued various images from the collage sheets to the back and front of the arches.  The free-standing images like Alice and the White Rabbit are attached to the base using a straight pin.  I snip off the head of the pin and insert it at the bottom of the image in between the image and the paper backing.  I leave just enough of the pin sticking out of the bottom of the image to insert into the foam core base.  I coat the pin with a little glue before inserting it in the base.
Alice’s scepter is made from a flat toothpick and a  puffy heart bead.   For the croquette balls, I used eyeball beads - 10mm.


traci said...

LOVE these Laura-I am going to have to make some for myself. Of course they will not be a nice as yours but I press on. Thanks so much for sharing.

dyeandpigment said...

Love your diorama. Thanks for sharing your talents.

Mixed Media/ Altered Crafts said...

Another amazing art work piece!
Very Inspiring! Love it all! Hugs,Tee

Deb said...

LOVE your Alice In Wonderland tarot cards and diorama Laura, magical! Thanks so much for sharing and for the tarot card labels too <3

Rett said...

I am always amazed by your creations. This project is no exception. Wonderful! Thanks for the free digi!

nelda said...

Oh how wonderful! I have been wanting to put together an Alice project and now it is going to be so easy! Thank you!

Jackie PN said...

What a fabulous make!! I love all things Alice!!
I had to read and then go back- I know how talented and creative you are Laura, but at first glance I did not see that those cards were v's and I was like, "how on earth?!!!" Helps to read through slower! heehee Well done!

Tristan Robin said...

Well, I ordered a lot of this stuff from Alpha Stamps yesterday - but now I'm totally intimidated LOL - this is a STUNNING vignette/diarama! How clever - and what a terrific use of materials!

Vicki said...

Your Alice project is over-the-top GORGEOUS!!! Thumbs up!!

smokeysmom said...

Excellent Laura! As always, your talent never ceases to amaze me. I always love it when you offer free collage sheets-many thanks:)

kay(texfolkart) said...


A Magical Whimsy said...

Wow! This is amazing! Thank you for the tutorial and free Tarot labels.
I adore anything Alice in Wonderland! Fantastic!
Come see photos of the Los Angeles Art District Murals of Alice In Wonderland posted on my blog. (one post down from the current one).

: )
Teresa in California

toni said...

Fantastic diorama, beautifully made so much to look at x

Unknown said...

Your tutorials are the Very Best Ever! Thank you for being so generous to share your amazing talents!