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Saturday, May 16, 2015

THE CIRCUS COMES TO TOWN – NEW Clowning Around Collage Sheet & FREE Circus Collage Sheet

The circus is coming to town, led in by a parade by the clowns.  In my version of a circus, it’s not the people who are in charge but the animals.  Standing on the back wheel of the bike is the ringmaster himself Mr. Elephant.
The inspiration for this fun-filled piece is the Metal Bicycle Frame; it makes such a cool backdrop for clowns' shenanigans.  I could also see this piece being incorporated into other themed projects like Steampunk or a summer/children-themed piece.
Many of the images you see are from my new “Clowning Around” collage sheet.
I also cooked up a FREE Circus collage sheet for you, which is filled with balloons, letters, and a couple of circus signs.  You’ll find the sheet at the bottom of the post.  Feel free to download it and use it for your art.
This sheet included seven wacky clowns, a stage, and 3 sets of wheel covers.  The wheel covers are sized to fit large and small wooden thread spools.

I started by removing the bike from the wooden platform by unscrewing the nuts from the screws.
To make the process fast and easy I sprayed the bike with red spray paint that is made for metal (found at my local hardware store).
Once the paint was dry, I wrapped the frame and back wheel with Gold Harlequin with Diamonds Tape.
Next, I painted the handlebars and seat with Metal Patinas Aged Bronze paint. 
The back of the front wheel of the bike opens up to make it easy to add embellishments.  The wheel is really deep so there is lots of room to add large dimensional items.  
To make the stage that is pulled by the bike, I used the same red spray paint to paint the bottom of an Altoids tin and 4 wooden spools that are glued together.
The stage comes from the Clowning Around collage sheet.  Tip:  Notice how narrow the curtains at the bottom of the stage are which would make it difficult to stand up without support.  I added the clowns to the front of the stage to give that area support and I also like how it looks.
NOTE:  All the images I used are back with decorative paper or cardstock to make them stiffer so that they will stand up when attached to the piece.

The bottom of the Altoids tin is the top of the stage and is covered with paper from the Carnival 6x6 Paper Pad (which is where all of the paper you see comes from). The clowns on the stage are from the Reversible Clowns Collage Sheet.
I glued the wheel covers from the Clowning around collage sheet to the wooden spools and attached the paper stage to the side of the Altoids tin using E6000 glue.
I bent a faux hinge and attached it to the Altoids tin to give me a place to hook the chain (from my stash).
You can see in the picture below how it hooks under the edge of the Altoids tin.
The tassels on the handlebars are made by pulling some of the tassel string through a hole in a brass cone, gluing the string in place, and then gluing the cones to the ends of the handlebars.  
I painted part of the frame and large wheel with the Metal Patinas Ochre paint.
I punched diamond shapes from white cardstock, glued them together and painted them yellow.  After gluing them to the front wheel I added “FUN” from the free Circus collage sheet.
The balloons are also from the Circus collage sheet.  I glued wire in between the balloon image and a piece of decorative paper and then used the wire to attach the balloons to the handlebars.
To make the circus banner, I started with Mini Lacy Banner Flags which I painted yellow.  
Next, I added the "CIRCUS" letters from the free collage sheet.
I twisted 2 pieces of red wire together and threaded it through the pre-punched holes in the flags.  The wire is threaded through the backs of the flags.  The reason I used two strands and twisted them together was to make the wire stiff enough to hold the weight of the flags and the clown hanging on at the end.  Make sure to use enough wire to have extra at both ends; on the one end to wrap it around the bike handles and at the other end to attach the clown.
To keep the flags in place you can add a tiny dab of Glossy Accents to the back at each hole and use a little on the handlebars before wrapping the wire around the bars.   
Altered Metal Frame – Bicycle
Clowning Around Collage Sheet
Reversible Clowns Collage Sheet
Clowns At the Beach Collage sheet
Elephants #1 Collage Sheets
3D Circus Tent Collage Sheet - Flags
Beach Babes Collage Sheet - Balls
Carnival 6x6 Paper Pad
Mini Lacy Banner Flags
Zebra Wire Multi-Color Mini Set
3mm Tape – Gold Harlequin Diamonds
Raw Brass Box Feet - Cones
Blank Altoids Tin
Vintage Brass Faux Hinge
Metal Patinas – Retro Highway – Ochre
Metal Patinas – Ancient Coin – Aged Bronze


Feel free to use the images on this sheet for your art.  To download the collage sheet, right-click on the image and select “Save As” from the menu.

All you Steampunk and fantasy fans out there I've got some cool stuff coming your way!  Stay tuned!!!


My name is Cindy said...

Hi Laura, haven't been over to visit for a long while but you never fail to inspire and delight! Love the circus themed project and your twist on it! Cindy

Deonna B said...

Awesome inspiration post and Thank you for sharing the collage sheet.

Chark said...

saw this at Alpha Stamps and omg--I love it! You did a fabulous job on this--thanks so much for the tut and the freebie! Love!

Lou Anne Hazel said...

The circus themed projects are lots of fun. You always make amazing things. Thank you for the free collage sheet. I was able to download it but it wouldn't open. Is there a trick?

barbara macaskill said...

So adorable!! Thanks for the free collage sheet!

traci said...

I love the circus theme and you sure know how to inspire. I love all the bright beautiful colors. Your are such an amazing designer love everything you create. Thanks >^..^>

smokeysmom said...

I love your work, Laura. And many thanks for the free collage sheet. You're the best!

dyeandpigment said...

Here come the clowns and the circus. You have brought this into my house. Love, love it. Thanks so much for the tutorial; I always learn something every time you post.

Sue Fraser said...

Laura: Your Circus is awesome. I have one of these frames from Prima and think that I need to go make a circus like yours! Thanks so much for posting the pics and tutorial.

Createology said...

This Circus is so much fun and fabulous in your attention to detail. I always LOVE what you create. Creative Circus Bliss...

Deb said...

Laura, you are simply brilliant! The tricycle is genius and I love that clown flying off of the end of the circus banner, hilarious! Thanks so much for sharing yet another amazing project and for the free collage sheet, love it!

Seahorse Ranch Girl said...

Oh My Freaking Gosh (OMG doesn't express it well enough). This is the funnest project ever. Hugs. Charlotte

Plush Possum Studio said...

My goodness! I've been away for such a long wile--and all of that while, you've been refining your art style in a lot of lovely ways!
What a fun project this would be for the clown fancier--kids might really like it too.

Darla said...

I'm swooning !!!