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Saturday, June 20, 2015

MERMAID GARDENS - 4 NEW Mermaid Themed Collage Sheets & A Giveaway

On a warm sunny day down deep in the ocean you’ll find mermaids frolicking in their gardens.  I’ve used all kinds of wonderful sparkly, pearlescent, metallic and iridescent goodies, images from the new collage sheets and even foliage from my yard to create the three pieces. 
In addition to the new collage sheets, I will also walk you through how I constructed each piece and the materials I used.   I am giving away all of the art pieces and you'll find the details at the very end of the post.
A baby octopus has found a home in an old diver’s helmet.

My new series of mermaid collage sheets are packed with mermaids, hippocampi, octopus, fish, shells, coral, ruins of the ancient world and more.  There is everything you need to create your own mermaid garden.  All of the images you see on the three art pieces are from these collage sheets.

The base of each of the pieces is made from a die-cut chipboard shell.  I used various luminescent and iridescent Lumiere and Liquid Pearls paint to color the shells.
A great way to purchase small quantities of multiple Lumiere colors is through the Exciter Pack which includes some of the colors I used and others that would work well for a mermaid or other jeweled colored theme.
I started by painting the edges with Royal Blue Liquid Pearls and then dry brushing the center of the shell with the same paint.  Next, I painted the center of the shell with Pearl Turquoise Lumiere pulling some of the paint into the Royal Blue Liquid Pearls.  Lastly, I dry brushed Peacock- Liquid Pearls on to the shell.
I then glued fibers onto the right side of the shell.
Next, I went foraging in my yard to find something that looked like seaweed.  What I ended up using, was foliage from a juniper evergreen tree.
I painted the juniper sprig pictured below with Mint Green Liquid Pearls and glued on pearl beads.  After painting this and the other juniper springs I spray painted them with multiple coats of polyurethane to seal them so they would not fall apart when the greenery dries out.  I think probably Modge Podge would act as a good sealer or other products you might have. 
The next addition to the shell, is a piece of seaweed die-cut chipboard which I painted with Ivy Green Liquid Pearls and glued on Royal Blue Micro Beads.
Next, I added the mermaid from the collage sheet to the center of the shell.
In the right bottom corner, I added some of the green seaweed from the collage sheet accented with Stickles.
I then added a shell and coral decorated with glitter.
The final touch in the corner is a seahorse.
Above on the right, I added two fish to the chipboard seaweed.
In the center, I wrapped two pieces of sea glass with wire.  I thought that the wire gave the glass more interest and also looks like markings on a fish or coral.
Behind the juniper sprig I added an acrylic bead spray painted with Mermaid Alcohol Ink.
The final touch is two fish from the collage sheets.
At the bottom I added more coral and a starfish.
The piece is now complete.

Here we see the mermaid sleeping in her garden.
I first painted the shell with Peacock Liquid Pearls and then in the center with Pearl Turquoise Lumiere
I glued fibers on the left side of the shell.
I added the rock image from the collage sheets to the center, popping it up with double stick foam tape.
I added an acrylic bead spray painted with Mermaid Alcohol Ink.
On the left side, I added a juniper spray painted with Avocado Liquid Pearls and accented with blue beads from the Lavender/Pink Bead Mix.
To the right side, I added juniper sprays painted with Sunset Gold Lumiere and Royal Blue Liquid Pearls.
I wrapped pieces of sea glass with wire.
Coming out of the hole in the rock is a fish from the collage sheets.
To the bottom, I added coral, a shell, a shrimp and a diver’s helmet with octopus bead.  I glued a glass micro bead onto one of the pieces of coral.  There are two sizes of beads in the mix.
In order to get the octopus bead to fit inside the helmet, I printed the helmet twice, cut out the center of one of the helmets and attached it the other image of the helmet popping it up with double stick foam tape.
The last item is the mermaid and fish as the top and the left side of the piece.

For the pink shell, I started by painting the center with Avocado Liquid Pearls.  I then painted the area above the avocado with Flamingo Liquid Pearls.  Above the flamingo liquid pearls, I painted the area all the way to the edge with Petal Pink Liquid Pearls.  I dry brushed the edges with White Opal Liquid Pearls.
I painted the die-cut chipboard coral first with Pearl Violet Lumiere and then dry brush it with Flamingo Liquid Pearls.
In addition to the chipboard coral at the top of the piece, I added coral and seaweed images from the collage sheets.  To the image on the left I added white pearl microbeads.
At the bottom I added juniper sprays painted with Sunset Gold Lumiere and accented with lavender beads from the Lavender/Pink Bead Mix.
Next, I added shells from the collage sheets to the bottom and white and pink coral to the top ,which is accented with pink microbeads from my stash.
On the right side I added acrylic bead sprays painted with Purple Twilight and Shell Pink Alcohol Inks.  I also added the octopus image.
At the bottom, I attached sea glass.
Final touches include the mermaid, a fish, a brass conch and some flat back pearls.


bobbie said...

Ooooh! So lovely! Thanks for the chance to win one ~ the blue & teal ones are my faves!

Jane said...

Wow I am blown away by these gorgeous pieces. I love mermaids and sea themed art....these are so detailed. The juniper has worked so brilliantly as sea weed and the wrapped sea glass is perfect. Such amazing artwork from the collages. Thanks for the chance to win one x

whimsicologie said...

Each one of your creations are unusual and unique. Love the attention to detail, so beautiful. When I see an Artfully Musing email in my inbox I always go to it first!

Cmmargaret said...

Wow! These are fabulous! Thanks for sharing with us!

Anya said...

Your frolicking mermaids in their jewel-tone gardens are simply delightful! Love the wire-wrapped sea glass and the octopus bead tucked in that aged helmet! Thanks for sharing your amazing artistry--and for the chance to win one of your creations!

smokeysmom said...

Like I have said before, Laura, you never cease to amaze me with your intricate art! I especially love the Teal Garden mermaid...but they are all lovely. Love the bright, shiny colors, the wonderful collage images - just amazing! I would love to own one:)

Unknown said...

I love these mermaids. The things you do are such an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing your work with us-it is just beautiful.

Jackie PN said...

Oh Laura!! These are absolutely brilliant!! I love mermaids and yours are gorgeous! I'd be over the moon excited to win one of the three so toss my name in the hat please!!xo
ps..thanks for the heads up- I'll be shopping tomorrow at AS!!

eyes2theocean said...

Seriously, these new collage sheets are to die I adore these projects what you have done with them, these projects are just incredible, I mean seriously incredible. Thank you for the tutorial I must give this a go. :)

Sara Tann

Kristen said...

So pretty, such great inspiration!

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Wonderful collage sheets = beautiful mermaid art. Thank you for taking us step by step with you through the creative process. I love every detail, but I think the little octopus tucked into the diving helmet is my favorite.

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Gorgeous! Love the pink one with the octopus, just absolutely creative and fun! Thanks for the chance to win!!

R.S. Bohn said...

Baby octopus in the helmet? Adorable! Love all of them. I've got a beach theme in my house, they'd all look beautiful displayed. Thanks for the contest!

Leslie G said...

Laura, these are absolutely stunning. I love the sea colors and all of the details you have dedicated to this project. Thank you for sharing with us.

M.E. said...

The mermaid gardens you created are beautiful! Each one is a little masterpiece. Including juniper sprigs is clever and the tiny octopus in the diver's helmet is the cutest! Appreciate your sharing how to make them, and winning any one of these would make my summer! Thank you for the chance to be selected. Stay cool!

papercraftgoddess said...

Count me in to win a 'Laura Carson Original'!!! I'm a fan of everything you do...I've Learned so much from you and your tutorials! Ty so much for the chance to win. :)

Unknown said...

Just Beautiful. I love the things you create!

JannaS said...

I just love these beautiful mermaid garden projects! I appreciate all of your detailed instructions-thanks!

johnnyp said...

the mermaids are very nice. thanks for the chance to win
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Laura you are amazing! Thank you for the lovely works of art to inspire the mermaids in our hearts....and for the chance to be a winner...perhaps, who know?
Summer blessings...Karla

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I have not visited for a while and wow all the wonderful creations appear. Would love to own one