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Saturday, July 2, 2016


For this month’s theme at Alpha Stamps; which is Vintage Beach Cabanas, I’ve used the new Cabana Row House Set to create 3 mini cottages by the sea.  I came up with names for each of the cottages and that drove their unique designs.
Shell Cottage
Using House C from the Cabana Row House Set
Shell cottage is the beachiest of all of the cottages, surrounded by sand, seashells and palm trees.
The palm trees are die-cut chipboard.  I painted the trees using various acrylic paints.  The base of this cottage is foam core.  I cut slits in the foam core, inserted the trees and glued them in place.
For all of the cottages I first assembled the house (minus the roof) and then in the case of Shell Cottage, I papered the house and roof using an 8 x 8 paper pad titled French Riviera. 
The doors and windows are from the Window Frames & Shutters collage sheet.  I used a tiny double sided seahorse charm for door handles.  If you snip away the loop at the top, the seahorse comes apart into two pieces.
For the roof I started by painting the chipboard white using acrylic paint.  I then glued the seashell sequins in place using E6000 glue.  I added some of the French Riviera paper to the top of the roof and trimmed the peak with the Under the Sea chipboard border painted with acrylic paint.
In the front of the cottage are two white beach chairs painted with turquoise acrylic paint.  The chairs have a slit at the top which is where I inserted the cocktail umbrellas.  In front of one of the chairs lies a beach babe which you can find on the Bathing Beauties #2 collage sheet.

Shell Cottage Supplies from Alpha Stamps
Sailors Cove
Using House D from the Cabana Row House Set
For this house I again used the French Riviera paper
The door and windows are from the die-cut chipboard set, Seaside Doors & Windows.  I dressed the door up with a brass anchor and seahorse charm.  Around the window in the front I used corrugated saucer beads.  The ladies coming out of the door can be found on the Vintage Beach Babes collage sheet.  The lady in the window is on The Fourth of July collage sheet.
At the top of the roof is a ships wheel and nautical flag which are glued to a toothpick that is inserted into the roof.
The trim on the roof comes from the Seaside Décor & Beach Umbrellas chipboard set.
Below you can see the two umbrellas from the chipboard set.  In front of the cottage is a paper sailboat with two children which you can find on the Seaside Victorian Children collage sheet.  You'll find all of the nautical flags I used on the Sea Calls to Me collage sheet.
On the sides are more windows from the Seaside Doors & Windows chipboard set.

Sailors Cove Supplies from Alpha Stamps
Rose Cottage
Using House B from the Cabana Row House Set
The Rose Cottage is papered with House of Rose on the Porch scrapbook paper on the house part and French Riviera paper on the roof.
The base is foam core which is covered with Natural Grass scrapbook paper.  To create a path, I cut out cobblestones from the Provincial Cobblestone scrapbook paper.
The front door is from the Mini Old Windows & Doors collage sheet.  Around the door are pink and cream mini rose buds.  Above the door is a brass bee.
The fence is made from flat matchsticks painted white with acrylic paint.  I poked holes into the foam core and inserted the matchsticks into the holes.
The windows on the sides are from the Window Frames & Shutters collage sheet.  On the fence at the front are pink roses.
The flower boxes are made from the ends of matchbox drawers.

Rose Cottage Supplies From Alpha Stamps


johala said...

I like very much the second one!
Hugs and kisses

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

As always, all are delightful - but I especially love that Victorian cottage - absolutely charming! What a great use of the materials! And what a keen eye for detail you never fail to show! Thanks for the inspiration - again!

April CraftKnifeChronicles said...

All of these are so cute Laura! Your collage images are just perfect for all of the different scenes. All the little details make each one come to life. Thanks for sharing.

Annie said...

Your mini cottages are beautiful Laura ............you always add such amazing details and the images are the perfect addition to those cottages. Love them all

TFS and best wishes
Annie x