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Saturday, January 7, 2017


I was racking my brain trying to think of some kind of interesting twist for tarot cards and the idea of making cards based on the Grimm fairy tales. popped into my mind. 
For me, the best part of the project was choosing the images for each card (there were so many to choose from).  My favorites are Red Riding Hood as The Fool, Puss in Boots as the Knight of Swords, and Sleeping Beauty pricking her finger as the Wheel of Fortune.
The case is made from a blank Altoids tin.  I would have made a full set of cards but settled on making just enough to fill the tin (15 cards).  You can always hinge two tins together if you want to make more.

Below is the image I used on the chipboard labels.  Feel free to download and use it in your art.

To dress up the outside of the tins, I used Fairy Tale Altoids Inserts that come in a set of three different designs.  I used the first two on the left for my tin.

I used Victorian Gold Metal Patinas to paint the parts of the tin that were not going to be covered with paper.  While covering the tin with paper, I made sure that I didn't paper anywhere that would prevent the tin from opening and closing.  I painted areas like the lid's inside lip, and the bottom's outside edges because paper adds too much bulk, and you won’t be able to close the tin.

I used an Altoids Dragons Insert on the inside of the lid.

I used various frames from my Large Vintage and Elegant Frames Digital Image Set to frame each card.  To purchase this digital image set, click on the image below.

Each card measures 3 1/2" by 2 1/8".  I glued the image behind the frame and then used a corner punch to round the corners.  By rounding the corners I could use a larger card, as square-cornered cards would need to be smaller to fit into the rounded corners of the tin.
I backed the card with a thin piece of chipboard and decorative paper.
On the front of each card, I added a banner with the name of the card.  Below is a free collage sheet containing the banners I used and more.

Feel free to download this collage sheet and use it in your art.


claude said...

very good ideas, i like very much fairies's tale

papercraftgoddess said...

I LOVE this! I don't comment enough...probably because I run out of adjectives and then I'm stuck with "fabulous" "incredible" "astonishing"!!! Not that they don't do your work justice...they do! But I'm convinced that a new set of words stemming from "incredible" needs to be formed, simply for YOU. Loving your work!!! WOW!

Tristan Robin said...

Oh, Laura! Please, please pretty-please make these to sell!!! I will *never* get it together to make them and I need them in my life!

Spectacular concept of fate and taking resposibility and rewards!

Handcrafted - faery tales - tarot decks - so many things right up my alley!!!

Out of the ballpark, my dear, out of the ballpark!

(and, seriously, consider my plea!)

Artifice said...

You are so amazingly talented! I love how creative you are. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful creations and how to make them. Linda

johala said...

I always like to discover your new creations,so pretty, amazing and funny sometimes. I like this one very much.
Happy new year and kisses

sheilaAR said...

These are TOO wonderful!!! And yes, we do need a whole list of new superlatives made up for your work! Wait, I have one: Increditastic!
Heck, if there is such a thing as a dog breed called "Wee Poo" (poor dog named after both kinds of elimination!! :( ) , why can't we make up our own words??! Great idea Laura, and thanks so much for the free sheet of names for our use. xo

Unknown said...

Whoa, how awesome this project is! The King of the Golden Mountain is my choice for Emperor, Rumpelstiltskin is my choice for The Devil because he puts a person under bondage. The Virgin Mary from the Virgin Mary's Child can be the High Priestess.