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Wednesday, January 25, 2017


The inspiration for this triptych were the lovely ladies dressed for winter, which you will find on my new Pretty in Red collage sheet described further down in the post.  The red is a nod to Valentine's.
To complement the color scheme of their coats, I’ve used silver, grey, red and white, papers and embellishments.
In addition to the winter ladies, the new collage sheet also contains coordinating flowers and leaves which I have used as embellishments.
Just as with the previous Winter Park project, I added lots of icy sparkle using Twinklets Diamond Dust.

This collage sheet contains 8 large versions of lovely ladies dress for winter, two smaller sized ladies, three winter cameos and a variety of complementary red flowers and leaves

The base of this piece is made from a three panel die-cut chipboard triptych; for each panel there is a solid back and a front frame.
I started by painting all of the panel pieces white.  On the back piece I attached paper from the Winter Wishes 6x6 Paper Pad.  In the center of each panel I attached one of the lovely ladies from my Pretty in Red Collage Sheet.
The embellishments on each of the side panels are the same.  I started by attaching a silver snowflake garland (using E6000) from my stash.
Next, I used flower and leaf images from the Pretty in Red collage sheet backing them with lightweight cardstock for support.  To give the flowers and leaves more interest, I used black microbeads in the center of the flower and Twinklets Diamond Dust on the leaf (attached with Glossy Accents).
TIP: To create more dimension, fold the petals of the paper flower forward.
At the top I added a mini cardinal and a silver snowflake charm with a flat back pearl.
On all of the panels I used thin silver snowflakes to dress up the area around the ladies.
For the center panel, I covered red leaves from the collage sheet with Diamond Dust and made a centerpiece using a giant silver snowflake covered with Diamond Dust.  I then attached flat backed pearls to a snowflake sequin from my stash.  I layered the sequin on top of the giant snowflake.
I inserted white foam stamen in between the red leaves.
I used E6000 to glue the three panels together.
I covered the backs of each of the pieces with Double Dot Chevron scrapbook paper.


Saturday, January 21, 2017

WINTER PARK - Video Tutorial - New Collage Sheet & Digi Image Set

It’s a beautiful day at Winter Park.  The sunshine turns the park into a magical place as the sun bounces off the ice crusted trees and structures.
Skaters are taking advantage of the break in wintry weather enjoying skating on the park’s frozen pond; some are more graceful than others.
If you look closely, you’ll see small creatures enjoying the fine weather.
The fountain's cascading sprays are frozen in place creating a beautiful ice sculpture and trees are dressed in glistening ice.
A fancy horse drawn sleigh chauffeuring fashionable ladies passes by.  The sleigh, courtesy of Leslie at Alpha Stamps, was the inspiration for this project .  You’ll find out about these cuties and more in my next project.
Looks like some have used the break in weather to shop.

The overall dimension of this piece is 24” x 16”.  You might be thinking that it’s large but the good news is it made of multiple pieces that you can easily store separately.  Because it's modular, it also makes it easy to tackle as much or as little of the project as you like.

To compliment this project, I created a new collage sheet “Ice Follies” and a new digital image set “Winter Park”.

This winter themed collage sheet contains ladies and a gentleman frolicking on the ice as well as a beautiful sleigh pulled by horses.

This image set contains architectural pieces that can be used to create a winter park or other outdoor scene.  It also includes the skaters and sleigh found on the Ice Follies collage sheet for a total of 35 images.

In the video tutorial below I’ll be covering:
- How to assemble the pieces
- Creating dimension with paper
- How to suspend paper images
- Making Icicles
- Snow
- Frozen pond with skaters
- Building a fountain


Saturday, January 7, 2017


This month’s Alpha Stamps themed kit is Snow White.  I was racking my brain trying to think of some kind of interesting twist on the theme and the idea of fate popped into my mind.  I decided to expand the theme beyond Snow White by including other Grimm fairy tales which in turn led to the idea of making Tarot cards.  
For me the best part of the project was choosing the images for each card (there were so many to choose from).  My favorites are Red Riding Hood as The Fool, Puss in Boots as the Knight of Swords and Sleeping Beauty pricking her finger as the Wheel of Fortune.
The case is made from a blank Altoids tin.  I would have made a full set of cards, but settled on making just enough to fill the tin (15 cards).  If you want to make more, you can always hinge two tins together.

Below is the image I used in the chipboard labels.  Feel free to download and use it in your art.

To cover the inside and the outside of the tin, I used images from the  Grimm Covers #1 Collage SheetGrimm Covers #3 Collage Sheet.

To dress up the outside of the tins I used Fairy Tale Altoids Inserts that come in a set of three different designs.  I used the first two on the left for my tin.

I used Victorian Gold Metal Patinas to paint the parts of the tin that were not going to be covered with paper.  While covering the tin with paper, I made sure that I didn't paper anywhere that would prevent the tin from opening and closing.  I painted areas like the inside lip of the lid and the outside edges of the bottom because paper adds too much bulk and you won’t be able to close the tin.

I used an Altoids Dragons Insert  on the inside of the lid.

Alpha Stamps carries tons of Fairy Tale themed collage sheets so there were lots of images to choose from.

BY TAROT CARD - there are many more sheets available
The Fool – Meeting the Wolf
Knight of Swords& The Emperor - Puss in Boots Picture Book
Queen of Cups & The Star – Evil Queens
The Hermit – Rapunzel Collage Sheet
Death & The Lovers – Sleeping Beauty #1 Collage Sheet
Wheel of Fortune -  Spinning Wheel Collage Sheet

To frame each card I used various frames from my three digital download sets:

Each card measures 3 1/2" by 2 1/8".  I glued the image behind the frame and then used a corner punch to round the corners.  By rounding the corners I could use a larger card as square cornered cards would need to be smaller to fit into the rounded corners of the tin.
I backed the card with a thin piece of chipboard and decorative paper.
On the front of each card I added a banner with the name of the card.  Below is a free collage sheet containing the banners I used and more.

Feel free to download this collage sheet and use it in your art.