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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Aviary Millinery (Hats for Glamorous Chicks & Dapper Dans) – Designed for Alpha Stamps

Since the theme at Alpha Stamps this month is “Birds in Hats” I figured the birds needed a hat shop!  To create the shop I decided to hinge together three of the Chipboard Birdhouse Shapes.
I started by cutting away part of the chipboard on each of the birdhouses to create a straight edge.
I covered the front and back of each of the chipboard pieces with paper from the Pretty in Pink 6x6 paper pad.
The hinges I decided to use had very tiny holes; too small for brads which would have been my first choice for attaching the hinges.  So, I decided to glue the hinges to the chipboard.  When attaching hinges make sure to leave a little space between the items you are hinging so that there is room to bend the items and the hinge.  For nails I decide to use Liquid Pearls.  The applicator tip is very small making is super easy to apply small dots of the paint the hinges.

Below are detailed pictures of the front of the shop.  One of the things to consider with a project like this is that some of the images and embellishments (birds, hats, flowers etc.) are seen from both sides; I needed to make sure that everything looked good from both the front and the back.
Behind the windows in the front of the shop are hats on hat stands.  Inside the pink acrylic flowers are microbeads.  The great thing about acrylic is if you don’t like the color you can change it with Ranger Alcohol Inks.
The handles on the door are brass lady bugs that I painted with Liquid Pearls.
Below are pictures of the back or inside of the hat shop.
I used the new Just Hats Alpha Stamps collage sheet for many of the hats and then added embellishments.  I also used their Flippery Hats Die-Cuts as the base of some of the hats.
The hat racks are German scrap antlers.  I thought if birds had a hat shop that might be what they used for hat racks.  And since antlers are also called “racks”…..
 The owl above came from the Bird’s Nests collage sheets.  I decided he needed a mustache and top hat with a moon.
The beehive with bees is one of my favorite hats (pictured above).  All the birds came from several of the Alpha Stamps bird themed collage sheets.
I decorated the hats with flowers, leaves, fruit, ribbon, feathers, beads, birds and bees.  In total there are 19 hats (either on the birds or on the racks).  I would have added more but I ran out of room!

Alpha Stamps Supplies Used:
Collage Sheets
Birds and Bees
Flowers and Leaves


Martina said...

Laura, this pieces are just brilliant, fantastic, totally awesome, wow, what more can I say. Love them!

bobbie said...

Another mind-blowingly beautiful project!!

Rhea said...

A really amazing project Laura. Clever use of the antlers as racks, and the bee bonnet is darling. Very inspirational work as always. Thank you for sharing!

chrissie said...

So much to look at and all wonderful

You are such an inspiration :)


Ibarra Creations 4U said...

All your art is absolutely stunning!!!!

Joanne said...

This is an absolute delight. I would love to wonder around that joyful shop.
Hugs Joanne xx

johala said...

Really fantastic!
Hugs and kisses

artwolf2009 said...

what a wonderful creation and invitation to try it myself

Jennifer said...

This is so whimsy...its adorable!

Tarnished Rose said...

Another amazing, gorgeous creation. Don't know how you do it, but you do it sooooo well!


Unknown said...

Quelle mise en scène et quelle décoration, je suis admirative.

johala said...

Hello Laura!
As I promissed you, there's a post on you and your creations on "Matin Lumineux" today!
Hugs and kisses

trisha too said...

What a fun piece, Laura!


lilyandthelotus.blogspot.com said...

perfection yet again..wow what a fantastic piece ..I love it and want one lol.
susan s.

MaRyKaY said...

wow weeee friend you really outdid yourself this time. I almost got wore out just reading the recipe to make this and all the elements that went into it. I would love to have been there to watch the transformation. 19 Hats hahah that's funny. I love this piece as I do all of them so far. You amaze me everytime I stop by to take a look at what you've been up to.

My name is Cindy said...

I lpvethis! Just spent a happy few minutes looking at all the details. Butthe bit thatreally made me smile were the signs! Brilliant!! Cindy