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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Angel Shrine & Tutorial

My final Christmas project for you is an Angel Shrine.  Angels are one of my favorite art subjects.  The Paper Mache Cathedral I used for the piece is approximately 8” tall by 14 ½” wide.  It’s ¾” thick which makes perfect for cutting niches.
The shrine comes already hinged and the large size means there is lots of room for all kinds of embellishments!
I decided to showcase the center section by using one of the frames from my Vintage Frames Digital Image set. 
After sizing, printing and backing the frame with cardstock I placed it on the shrine and traced the center section.  I used the trace marks to determine where to cut the hole.
Next, I cut holes in the sides and the center.
At this point, I knew I wanted to use a tissue paper technique to add texture to the shrine. I had not decided on how to color the shrine so I started by painting everything white.  By painting it white, I blocked out all of the colors of the paper Mache so that whatever coloring product I choose, it would not be altered by the color of the paper Mache underneath.
Next, I applied crumpled and torn tissue paper to all the surfaces of the shrine using Mod Podge.  Just as with the color, I hadn’t decided what parts of the shrine would be covered with paper and what parts wouldn't, so I textured all of the areas.  It’s so much harder to go back and texture something later if you change your mind.
To color the shrine, I first started with Patina Gilder’s Paste.  Since I was covering such a large area I thinned the paste with Mineral Spirits and then applied it to the shrine.  I chose Patina Gilder’s Paste as opposed to paint as it was the perfect color to complement the images.
Next, while wearing a plastic glove, I used my fingers to apply Silver Gilder’s Paste (without thinning) to the raised areas.  This gives the shrine metallic highlights.
Finally, I repeated the process with Inca Gold Gilder’s Paste.
To add more texture, color and to create a frame effect, I attached teal mica using Glossy Accents.
To continue the frame effect, I added red microbeads and gold ribbon.  I attached the images inside the niches with foam core tape to pop up each image and create more dimension. 
The fabulous large gold Dresden medallions at the top of each shrine section come in a set of 8.
Each of the side sections are decorated the same with instruments, roses, tassels, a die-cut dove and gold stars.  The die-cut dove is painted gold and then brushed with white Gilder’s Paste.  I attached all of the embellishments using E6000 glue.
In the center section, the images inside the niche are attached with foam core tape to pop them up.  I also attached the frame with foam core tape to give it depth.  At the top are star wired sprays and red glittered sprays along with die-cut angels and a bell.  The angels and the bell were first painted gold then silver microbeads were added.  I also added teal microbeads to the angels.  I brushed white Gilders paste onto the bell just as I did with the doves.


Theresa said...

OMGOSH! You are killing me!!! I AM LOVING all of these tutorials and these fabulous Christmas projects!!! HOLY COW! Thanks for sharing! This is just too gorgeous!!! LOVE the shrine.....

Wanda Maria said...

This is absolutely stunning! Yet another beautiful project tutorial! If you get a second, please be sure to stop by my blog to enter my $25 Etsy shop giveaway. Thanks so much! :)

claude said...

thank you for this tuutorial

Marfi-topia said...

you're amazing!
thank you.

Cocofolies said...

That's a wonderful project again Laura WOW!!! Hugs, Coco xx

dyeandpigment said...

Oh I love this. Thanks so much for sharing the procedure for cutting through the elements; I would not have thought to do it but just love the effect.

Karen Mallory said...

Another inspirational project and tutorial!! Really, when do you sleep! LOL
hugs Karen

Karen Mallory said...

Another inspirational project and tutorial!! Really, when do you sleep! LOL
hugs Karen

Seahorse Ranch Girl said...

So beautiful, Laura. To make it is a commitment. Then to put together a tutorial?! So generous. Happy December to you. Charlotte

nelda said...

I love your detailed tutorials. Thank you so much for taking the time to write them out and for taking such great photos that show all the super details!

Unknown said...

Stunning work as usual!!

Unknown said...

I have only just stumbled accross your blog and i love it this tutorial is fantastic xx