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Saturday, April 9, 2016

Woodland Tea Party

Deep in the forest under a moss draped tree, a tea party is set to begin.  Looks like the fairies have created a sumptuous feast for the woodland creatures.
I see the squirrels are already munching on a bowl of berries.
The birds are enjoying the sun sitting on the roofs and ledges of their houses.
Vine chairs make comfortable seats for the owls.  At the bottom you see a rabbit from the Into the Woods collage sheet.
A 3-D tree made from a kit anchors the scene with fiber moss hanging from the branches.
Even the smallest of creatures, a snail is joining in on the party.
This happy scene is built into a box with handles that serve as a tray, making it easy to lift and reposition.

The base is made from an easy to assemble Cottage Base kit which I flipped to make a tray.  
I started by painting the inside of the tray green (anywhere you think it my show) and papering the outside of the base.
I then cut a pieces of Styrofoam to fit the inside of the tray.  They are also painted green.  The Styrofoam gives me something to insert the embellishments into.
To jazz up the outside of the tray, I added pieces of chipboard ivy border painted two colors of green and door pulls to serve as handles.

The 3D Tree kit consists of 2 pieces.  The pieces slip one into the other.  I added glue to the slits before combining the pieces and then wiped away the excess glue with a damp cloth.  This kit comes in three sizes.  I used the largest (8") for this project. The tree is one of my favorite parts of the project and a special request of mine to Alpha Stamps.  I can see using this in many future projects.
To add fullness to the tree I used a second kit in which I cut each of the pieces in half giving me 4 additional pieces.  I glued the cut pieces into each intersection of the main tree which gives you a you a full looking tree.
Then, I painted the tree two colors of green and attached the leaves which I punched from paper.  Alpha Stamps is carrying several different leaf punches.  There is nothing special about the order of assembling first and then painting.  You could choose to paint first and then assemble.  If you are going for a winter or spooky look leave off the leaves.
The last step was to drape various colored fibers over the branches.  I soaked the fibers in water first to straighten them out, laid them flat to dry and then draped them over the branches.  Before mounting the tree in the scene, I added wood blocks to the Styrofoam and then glued the tree to the blocks.  This was to give the tree more height and make it look like it was on a small hill.  The base of the tree and the wood is covered with the sheet moss and pebbles.

The base of the table is made from branches cut from a tree in my yard.  Of course I had to pick a tree with what seemed to be the hardest wood.  It’s an Ironwood tree so I guess its name is accurate. 
The lengths of the pieces don’t have to be exact as I covered the top with sheet moss.
On top of the table I added some fall oak leaves for contrast.  The main item on the table is the scrumptious cake.  The layers of the cake are made from wood miniature cake kit.  I used pieces from 2 of the kits.  I painted the cake red and drizzled white paint over the cake to serve as icing.  I cut out a larger circle of chipboard (painted brown) to serve as the plate.  Around the edges of the cake are lavender berries, kiwis cut from polymer clay, beads serving as berries and leaves from the rose garland I used in other parts of the scene.  At the top are roses from the garland and a butterfly.
Berries and apples are sitting in bowls made from acorn caps.  You can see a little hedgehog waiting to dig in.
The teacup is made from a tulip bead.  The handle is the stem cut from one of the mushrooms in the scene.  The teapot is made from a tulip bead cap with acorn caps as the base and top.  The handle is made from three stems twisted together.  On the table sits a fairy from the Vintage Postcards Fairies collage sheet which is the source of all of the fairies in the piece.
The bird houses are from chipboard kits that are easy to assemble.  I assembled them first, added the paint, moss on the roofs and leafy chipboard pieces as decoration.  Small twigs from my yard served as ledges.  The wood the houses sit on is again from the Ironwood tree.

Alpha Stamps supplies used for this project:
Metal Door Pull – Antique Brass – Used 2 sets on base
3D Chipboard Tree – 8 Inch - Used 2 sets for a fuller tree
Leafy Corners  - Used to decorate birdhouses
Maple Leaf Mini Punch – Leaves on 3D tree
Acorn Caps – Bowls, teapot base and lid
Tulip Bead Cap – Teapot


peggy gatto said...

Truly enchanting!!! Beautifully made, bravo!!!!!!!!

Nina said...

Hello Laura,

I have just come upon your blog for the first time and am in awe of your beautiful creation!

It is not only a feast for the woodland creatures, it is also a feast for my eyes! :))

Kind regards from Riverside,

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

You are truly a national treasure. This is lip-smackingly delicious! I can't believe your skill and attention to the most minute detail! I am just enchanted with this vignette.

You must have a room that is like walking into a magical world of Laura Delights!

Candy S said...

Lovely! I love your woodland tea party. All of the little critters are simply delightful! I started following you back in the beginning of February. I have been inspired by your projects and always look forward to your next project in my mail box.

Kerstin F. said...

Wow so many beautiful designs, awesome!!

johala said...

So lovely!

claude said...


April CraftKnifeChronicles said...

Hi Laura - What a truly fantastic project! Everywhere you look there is something to discover. Thanks for all your detailed information on the construction and the supply list - your explanations make the project very "doable".