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Saturday, November 17, 2018

12 Days of Christmas Matchbox Ornaments - New Collage Sheet - Video Tutorial (also covering Advent Calendar Matchbox Ornaments)

The last project I posted covered making Advent Calendar Ornaments from matchboxes.  If making 25 ornaments is more than you have time for, might be interested in making a 12 Days of Christmas set.  And to go along with this post is a video tutorial to walk you through all the steps.
Just as with the Advent Calendar Ornaments, I’m using the same matchbox kit.
These also have ribbons as hangers and a number charm and tassel for a pull.

For this project, I have created a new Mini 12 Days of Christmas collage sheet whose images are sized for this project or any other small art project.  To purchase the sheet below, click on the image.


The video tutorial covers making the 12 Days ornaments as well as the 25 Advent Calendar ornaments I covered in the previous post.

Supply List - 12 Days of Christmas Ornaments


Sojournstar Media said...

Those are fabulous, I would love to create something so beautiful. I am officially inviting you to participate in our Christmas Lights Tour Linky Party, I hope you will join us, we went live last night!


Anonymous said...

One day i hope you make a tutorial on how you find the time to make all of these projects!!! 😂beautiful as usual!! Ty!❤️❤️