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Saturday, November 3, 2018

Christmas Project - Matchbox Advent Calendar Ornaments - 12 Days of Christmas Ornaments - Video Tutorial

Tis the season for Christmas projects and I have a few seasonal projects coming your way.  The first is two sets if matchbox ornaments one using the theme of 12 Days of Christmas (with a new collage sheet) and the other a 25 Ornament set functioning as an Advent Calendar.   I can imagine how fun it would be for kids to scan the tree each day looking for the day’s ornament, opening the box to reveal a small gift or treat. 
There is nothing complicated about this project which is made up of cutting and gluing, a good project to work on at night while watching TV.  The matchboxes (made from a simple pre-scored kit) I used are larger than the ones you find in the store which means you can insert larger items. 
 In the VIDEO TUTORIAL further down in the post I'll walk you through how I assembled these ornaments.


claude said...

excellent idea!

elizabeth s said...

An Excellent tactile Advent Calendar kids love to discover little things in this way!