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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mermaid Tea Lantern

Decorating this small tea lantern was such a fun project.  I decided to go with a mermaid theme (no surprise).  I wanted it to look like a mermaid in a fish tank.  The trick was how to use the LED light which inserts in the bottom of the lantern and be able to turn it off and on.
I decided to not use the base which holds the LED light in place in the bottom of the lantern.  Instead I made another base out of heavy chipboard.  I made a hole in the chipboard to accommodate the switch on the bottom of the LED light.  After I finished decorating the inside of the lantern I glued the LED light to the chipboard base and then the base to the bottom of the lantern.  Now everything on the inside stays in place and I can turn the switch on an off.
In the photo below you can see the original base on the left and the new base on the right.  
Below you can see the hole I made for the switch.


DogsMom said...

You are an inspiration every day!

Lori Stokes Wright said...


Julie Steed said...

This is beautiful!

Dianne said...

Oh man this is JAW DROPPINGLY GORGEOUS, every single side, a masterpiece I would say, thanks soooo much for sharing it and have a wonderful weekend..

Tracie Dean said...

what a fun and unique idea.
You are so clever and talented.
Love the idea of replacing the switch!!!

Happy Crafting

coco said...

Woow, fabulous ocean lantern !!! Have a lovely week-end, Coco xx

Ally White Cat said...

waiting for them to come in stock again and then I will be taking a tut and making one so beautiful
susan s