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Friday, October 30, 2015


As you can see from the pictures Karen has been a busy bee creating her Halloween Village.  There are just so many wonderful details to take in.  Notice the little card of pumpkins in front of the Black Cat Emporium on the right.
Below you see the front of the Black Cat Emporium.  I love the path going up to the front door.
The inside of the Emporium is just loaded with cool stuff.  Checkout the crystal ball on the floor stand to the right.  I love seeing how everyone is integrating neat things from their personal stash.
Below is the front of Ghoul & Sons.  The skeletons frolicking in the window crack me up!
Below is the inside of Ghoul & Sons.  Karen has used a hinged coffin for a table and it’s loaded with gruesome items.  
Below is the front of the Thrifty Witch.  Notice a cute chair in front for tired customers to sit in and the basket of pumpkins by the window.
On the inside Karen has use a plant stand to display some of the items.  And just like the Emporium this store is packed with all kinds of cool things.
To see more pictures of Karen’s Village and her other Halloween projects, hop over to her blog KarensDollsandStuff.blogspot.com.


lin_ka1 said...

Very, very god :)

claude said...

thank you for sharing

peggy gatto said...

Fun to see, thanks for posting!

Chark said...

wow, so fabulous!

Kerstin F. said...

Wow, that's really fantastic Karen, I will go to your blog to see all the beautiful details!