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Wednesday, July 19, 2017


The wait is over, the identity of the new tenant of the house on Irongate Street is none other than H.G. Wells.

The Steamtown Weekly Journal has all the details with Amelia Goodbody snagging the exclusive interview.  She covers topics like “Her Exciting Life in the Clouds”, “Thrilling Adventures Traveling Around the World” and “What’s Next For This Intrepid Explorer”.  

Here is just a taste of one of H.G.’s adventures; “Unexpectedly, the balloon began to sink.  Hearing a steady hissing sound, her heart started to race.  Below, as far as the eye could see, was nothing but water. Helena Graham Wells was no stranger to danger and she knew a cool head was her only hope.”

If you want to find out what happens next, you’ll have to subscribe to the Steamtown Weekly Journal.

A girl after my own heart, H.G. seems to prefer a cluttered eclectic style of décor.
I love the brown chesterfield tufted chair with its velvet foot stool.  Next to the chair are her favorite cigars (Lucky Fellow) and a decanter with her favorite brandy.
Bright lights and a warm fire make the room feel cozy.  
I see she is a cellist and that cello looks like nothing I’ve ever seen before.
What an interesting clock, it looks like a mechanical wonder both inside and out.  I wonder if this is a creation of Dr. Whatsit.
What a lovely and unique chandelier and the Edison wall sconces are also interesting.
On the other side of the room I can see some very interesting pieces.
I bet she's taken that steamer trunk on several of her adventures.  It looks like she also uses it as a desk for correspondence and I see several postcards from her travels.
Looks like Helena is a fan of playing 3D chess.  This set must have been custom made.
What a beautiful round bookcase crowned by an amazing globe.

In this tutorial, I’ll cover how I decorated and constructed the pieces in the Steampunk Study (the first floor of the two-story house).

The project is packed with so many wonderful chipboard kits and embellishments.  My favorite kits are the fireplace and the grandfather clock.  Some of my favorite embellishments are the inlaid globe bead, chess pieces, amber globes, and brandy decanter set. 

The Steamtown series of projects is just getting started.  Stay tuned as in the coming weeks I'll be decorating and furnishing the second floor and adding other elements to the exterior.  In addition to the house on Irongate street, there will be other Steampunk related projects that I'll keep under my hat for now.

Click here if you missed the first tutorial in this series: Steamtown Two Story House Phase 1


This collage sheet is filled with Steampunk themed travel journals/magazines, posters, post cards, books, tickets & a map for a total of 31 unique images.

This collage sheet contains images to decorate a steampunk themed room.  Included are: a grandfather clock, a mantel clock, a radio, a Victrola, a typewriter, a camera, chess boards to create a 3D chess set, 6 unique cigar box labels and matching edgings, (sized to fit the chipboard  Mini Cigar Box Set) and three sets of Edison light sconces.

This collage sheet contains 8 unique steampunk machines, extra gauges, and Edison light bulbs.   Each machine is loaded will all kinds of dials, buttons, knobs, gauges, lights and other mechanical items.  Some of the machines are cabinets and some are brass wall plaques.

This is a smaller version of the Large Grandfather Clock Facades collage sheet that has been scaled to fit the 3D Grandfather Clock 1:12 Scale.  The sheet contains four different themes to choose from; Steampunk, Alice in Wonderland, Whimsical, and Halloween.


This set of 67 images includes all of the images from the Steampunk Explorers Collage Sheet, the Steampunk Study Collage Sheet plus additional maps, clocks, cigars, a compass and framed portraits.

This set of 52 images includes all of the images from the Steampunk Machines Collage Sheet plus cabinets, Edison Lights, gauges, dials, panels and more.  You can use these extra bits to create new machines or to make the constructed machines more dimensional.




One is the taller center brick and the other is the small brick for laying around the arch.

Plain Old Books Collage Sheet
Burgundy Suede Paper - Chairs
1:12 Brick Wall Sheet – Ceiling Supports
Brick Wall Scrapbook Paper – Ceiling Supports
Raw Brass Box Feet - Cones - Chandelier
Amber Glass Globes – Set of 4 - Chandelier
Antique GoldSquare Filigree - Chandelier
Mini LED Light with Switch - Lamps
Domed Apothecary Bottles - Lamps
Fancy Looped Gold Filigree Base - Lamps
Small Looped Bead Caps - Gold - Lamps
Fancy Swirl Bead Caps - Lamps
Chipboard Steamer Trunk – 4 Inch
Long and Thin Bronze Hinges
Tan Faux Leather Paper
Bronze Binoculars Charm
Steamer Trunk Parts Collage Sheet – Trunk
Gold Mini Dresser Handles – Trunk
Antique Brass Mini Trunk Lock – Trunk
Mini Rustic Door Handles – Trunk - & Clock
3D Grandfather Clock 1:12 Scale
Curved Leafy Filigree Connector  - Gold - Clock
Bronze Stopwatch Clock Charms – Roman Numerals - Clock
Small Gold Hinges – Clock
20mm Round Glass Cabochons - Clock
Narrow Victorian Fireplace
Fireplace Insert w Glowing Embers
9v Battery Converter for 12v Dollhouse Lights – no Switch
Art Nouveau Winged Women – Very close to what I used
Nouveau Goddess – Raw Brass Stamping - Fireplace
Gold Bangle Bracelet
Antique Gold Rope-Edged Rondelles
Mini Chess Set
Chesterfield Chair
Victorian Table Kit - Black
Victorian Chair Kit
Gold Dark Mix Sweeper Fringe – Rug
Mini Cigar Box Set
Brandy Decanter Kit
Oval Metal Tea Tray
Mini Wine Glasses – Set of 2
Tiny Black Hinge Set – Painted Gold - Cigar Box
14mm Glass Cabochons– Magnifying Glass
20 mm Inlaid Globe Beads – Round Bookcase
Metallique Wax – Bronze Age – Chairs & Table
Metallique Wax – Aged Brass – Chairs & Table
Metallique Wax - Rich Copper - Fireplace


johala said...

Your work is allways amazing!!!! LOL
I love it and waiting to see the second floor!
Hugs and kisses

A Hippie without the pie said...

Laura, your imagination and skill of the mini world is like no other. I drool with every creative piece you make. Will you be auctioning or selling this piece when finished?

Jennie said...

Stunning. Absolutely STUNNING. Love every little detail. Between this, and the steampunk novel series I just started, my imagination is soaring... in a steam-powered airship!

Cynthia said...

Wow, wow, wowee. . .I love this! Everything is so amazing about this study, and the story to go along makes it even more compelling. One of the most creative things I've seen in a long time. . .

Tarnished Rose said...

Another awesome project! I've got your collage sheets down as a must have.

One question. Is the Steampunk Explorer collage sheet (maps, newspaper, books) to 1/12th scale? I'm back to making 1/12th scale miniatures and I can see a use for them there if they are to scale.


Cindy said...

Really love all the creativity, especially the grandfather clock. So much great information!

Karen Mallory said...

Fantastic, stupendous! You are such a talent. I love the Steampunk room. Your imagination astounds me! I love it all!!!

Viki Banaszak said...

I love this piece! And the story you added. Are you by chance a Warehouse 13 fan? I was thrilled to hear from Helena again ;)

Flo said...

So real, so detailed, love! Love from France

koi seo said...

Another awesome project! I've got your collage sheets down as a must have.