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Sunday, July 1, 2018

MINIATURE CONSERVATORY - Hinged Accordion Folding Book - NEW Collage Sheets

Who doesn’t love a conservatory filled with flowers, statues, and fountains all showcased in beautiful architecture.  This month's kit theme at AlphaStamps is"Mini Conservatory".

The core of the piece is made from the Mini Conservatory Accordion Book which is perforated for folding.  For my conservatory, I chose to separate the pieces and then hinge them back together.  This approach allows for the use of more embellishments.
To go along with the project, I’ve created two new collage sheets (details below) Mini Conservatory & Stained Glass Collage Sheet.  AlphaStamps is also offering a New Conservatory Parts Collage Sheet.

I used the transparency version of the Stained Glass Collage Sheet and sandwiched the images between two of the accordion books to create a realistic stained glass look.  Using two books allowed me to decorate both sides so it looks lovely from every angle.

This collage sheet is filled with lots of lovely images to decorate a miniature conservatory or garden themed project.  Many of the images are also found on the larger Conservatory Garden Décor Collage Sheet.  
This sheet contains a series of stained glass images that can be used in smaller art & miniature projects.   When the images are printed on a transparency film, it creates more of an authentic stained glass look.  To look even more authentic, add and melt embossing powder on the transparency film image. 

I started separating the pieces and sanded the edges, which smooths the perforated edges (used for folding).  I used two sets of the Mini Conservatory Folding Book.
Next, I painted and the papered the pieces (the same on each side) using paper from the Wandering Ivy 12x12 Paper Pad.  I then added images from the transparency film version of the NEW Stained Glass Collage Sheet to most of the openings. 
I used hinges to reconnect the conservatory pieces.

Below I’ll walk you through how I embellished each side of the same piece.

I decorated both sides of each piece.  On one side I used a door from the Mini Conservatory Parts Collage Sheet and the sundial from the Mini Conservatory/Garden Collage Sheet.  
At the bottom, I added pieces of mini creeping vine garland. On the other side, I used the same sundial and an image of a terrarium from the same sheet.
The piece pictured below is decorated the same on both sides.  The architecture at the bottom comes from the Mini Conservatory Collage Sheet and the finial is from the Mini Conservatory/Garden Collage Sheet.  Sandwiched between the arches is a stained glass image from the Stained Glass Collage Sheet.
The leaves at the top are made by cutting up Green Embossed Dresden Leaves.  Each leaf has 5 points so I used each point to guide where I cut.  Using a stencil brush, I lightly applied dark green acrylic paint to give the leaf some contrast.  It also helps to bring out the embossing on the leaf.

The leaves on the side are from the Dollhouse Laser – Cut Fern Leaves.   I first painted them brown and then using a stencil brush, lightly applied dark green then light green paint.
The piece pictured below is decorated the same on both sides.  The architecture at the bottom comes from the Mini Conservatory Collage Sheet.  Sandwiched between the arches is a stained glass image from the Stained Glass Collage Sheet.  The leaves are stitched ribbon that I accented with beads.
The piece pictured below is similar on both sides with the exception that one side is decorated with a tiny green garland and pink roses.  The statue and Greenman are from the Mini Conservatory Garden Collage sheet and another image from the Stained Glass Collage Sheet.
For the piece pictured below,  I used another stained glass and statue image.  On one side is an image of a birdbath, three tiles from the Mini Conservatory/Garden Collage Sheet and a resin songbird (its part of a set of 3).
The leaves are cut out from one of the sheets of paper in the Wandering Ivy 12x12 paper pad.

For the piece below I’ve used another stained glass image.  The paper is an embossed brick pattern.  

I embellished the top with mini wrought iron flourishes set on the top and Architextures Iron Fence at the bottom.

I used some of the Mini Wrought Iron Flourishes to add a piece to the side and an urn image from the collage sheet.  The greenery is leaves from the Mini Fern Garland.

Mini Conservatory Parts Collage Sheet
Wandering Ivy 12x12 Paper Pad
1:12 Brick Wall Sheet
Mini Conservatory Accordion Book
Mini Wrought Iron Flourishes Set
Architextures – Iron Fence
Small Gold Hinges with Screws
Mini Fern Garland
Tiny Green Leaf Garland
Stitched Leaf Ribbon – Moss Green
Mini Creeping Vine Garland
Green Embossed Dresden Leaves
Tiny Paper Roses – Medium Pink
Min Rose Buds – Pink Cream Variegated
Dollhouse Laser – Cut Fern Leaves
Song Birds – Set of 3


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