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Saturday, July 21, 2018


This month’s kit theme at AlphaStamps is Vacation Memories.  For my project, I chose to go with vintage children by the sea theme.  The initial inspiration is from the Seaside Victorian Children collage sheet in this month’s kit (you’ll find a picture of the sheet further down in the post).
For the project, I used the double exploding box pictured below.  
Because there was a  lot of surfaces to cover, I create a new collage sheet titled “Over the Summer  Sea”  to compliment the Seaside Victorian Children sheet.

This sheet contains vintage images of children playing by the sea, several coordinating seashells and a framed “Over the Summer Sea” sign.
I used a ship wheel as a knob and decorated the sides of the lid with various metal, plastic and clay shells made from a mold.

Inside you can see all of the pictures I used the two collage sheets as well as a scene in the center with a paper boat, a pail full of shells made from a thimble and three children.  I flipped the images of the children and printed them twice so I could glue them back to back so that you could see them from every angle.

In addition to my new collage sheet pictured below are the other sheets I used for the project.
I use the Beach and Shore Backdrops Collage Sheet to cover the outside of the largest box.
I used the paper below to cover the inside of the large box.
I used the paper below to cover the inside and outside of the small box.

The outsides of the box are covered with images from the Beach and Shore Backdrops Collage Sheet.
For the handle, I used a bead cap on which to mount the ship wheel.

I used a variety of metal, plastic (see the detail supply list further down in the post) and clay shells to decorate the lid of the box. 

 Below is the mold I used for the clay shells.

I used images from the Over the Summer Sea, Seaside Victorian Children and Shell Postcard collage sheets to decorate the inside of the large box.
 I used the paper below to cover the lid and to make the boat.

I used images from the Over the Summer Sea and the Seaside Victorian Children for the inside of the small box and also the children standing in the middle.
I used images from the Beach and Shore Backdrops Collage Sheet to make the circle in the middle.
To create the water, I used watercolor pencils to color a piece of paper which I glued inside the circle.  I painted it with Glossy Accents to make it look like water.  
Next, I added some sand in a few spots.
The pail is made by painting a thimble, adding paper for a handle and then seashells on the sides to make it look like they are holding the handle in place.  
To make the boat I watched the video below.
The children are double sided and are attached to either the boat or the rock circle.

Click here to jump to the complete supply list at AlphaStamps

Double Exploding Box


johala said...

Hello Laura
Marvelous! I love your pop-up box very much!
Hugs and kisses

peggy gatto said...

Wow, beautifully made, a delight!

Flo said...

A fabtastic exploding card. Love from France