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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Pretty Potions & Poisons Apothecary Event – Week 2

The haunted journey continues with viewing the second tutorial in the series which covers altering bottles and tins.  Whether you’re using the products I used or taking your own route, I hope you find some useful ideas and techniques in the video.  While watching the video you don’t need to worry about writing down supplies, measurements and steps as I’ve included them all in a PDF document (link is below) that you can download and or view.  When you’re done, be sure to read about the event giveaways and download the free images below.
Video Tutorial – Altering Bottles and Tins
I’ve broken this tutorial into two pieces so be sure to watch them both.
Part One of Two

Part Two of Two

Click here to view and or download a PDF document with the tools list, supply list of the products I used from Alpha Stamps and the steps outlined in the tutorial.
If you have questions, the best way to contact me is by using the "Email Me" button in the right-hand column of the blog.  If you ask a question in the comments area and your email address is not setup in Blogger there is no way for me to answer you.

Every event needs giveaways and this event has two.  To enter the giveaways you must create either an apothecary or items that go in an apothecary.  The giveaways are open to US and International participants.

First Giveaway
The first giveaway is for those who alter bottles, create books, coffins etc.  To enter this giveaway you must create at least three items of your choice and send me a picture of your items by October 30th.  I’ll showcase your items on this blog and link back to your blog or photo album if you have one.  You do not have to create an apothecary cabinet to enter, just three items that might go in an apothecary cabinet.  The prize will be my “Love Potion #9” altered bottle (without liquid for shipping purposes).  The winner will be chosen at random by Random.org on October 31st.

Second Giveaway
The second giveaway is for those who create an apothecary cabinet with contents (bottles etc.).  To enter this giveaway you must send a picture of your apothecary cabinet and contents to me by October 30th.  I’ll showcase your apothecary on this blog and link back to your blog or photo album if you have one.  There will be one winner and the prize is a big one.  It includes my:
 Hexes - accordion fold book with bookmark
Finest Spider Webs (Extra Sticky) Bottle & Poison Bottle
Sleeping Death Powder Bottle & Instant Embalming Fluid Bottle (without liquid because of shipping)
Witches Cauldron
13th Hour Domino Book
Wicked ATC
Owl Hollow ATC
The winner will be chosen at random by Random.org on October 31st.

You are welcome to start emailing me your pictures whenever you like.  Use the “Email Me” button in the right hand column of the blog.  Please be sure to include the link to your website, blog, or online photo album so I can include the link when I post your pictures.  I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!
 Feel free to download the images below and use them in your art.

Witches Hat Template

I’ve created so many pieces for this event that I couldn’t fit everything into the videos (or it would have turned into a mini-series).  This means that I’ll be posting other pieces and project ideas throughout the month of October.

If you missed Week 1 of the Pretty Potions & Apothecary Event which covered assembling and decorating the apothecary cabinet click here.

Pretty Potions & Poisons Apothecary Event – Week 3 (September 26th)
You’ll find the complete supply list (with the items I used – you are not required to use what I use) and pictures of the projects I’ll be covering in the video tutorial in the tab at the top of the blog labeled “Apothecary Event 3rd Tutorial” or you can click here.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the time or resources to participate with me in the event.  The information and tutorials aren’t going away.


johala6@yahoo. said...

I love all your ideas! Kisses

DogsMom said...

I may not be keeping up but I am loving all your ideas. Thank you for sharing.

Candace Jedrowicz said...

I am so loving the eye candy! You are so magical!

Holly M said...

This so inspires my inner witch! You are absolutely fabulous to do this for us. I do believe I spend all my extra pennies at Alpha Stamps.

Rhea said...

Thanks for more inspiration. I had a lovely afternoon working on my cabinet and listening/watching the new videos.

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for all the wonderful ideas - this is a gorgeous project! There a lots of useful hints and little tricks how to give the bottles an authenthic look - this will be useful for a long time crafting :)
kind regards, serafeena

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Wow - Laura, it`s such a pleasure to visit your beautiful blog again. I love your new creations so much.
(So sorry I havent visited in a while.)
Have a nice weekend. Hugs MARTINA

Sara P said...

I love all the bottles. I have got to get crafting!!