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Saturday, June 5, 2021

Moldy Morty's Market - Grimsley Village - Video Tutorial - New Image Sets

Not your usual market, the customer's taste runs more to Dried Zombie Brains and  Beatrix Myopia’s Eyeball Soup.  The latest specials look interesting, particularly the 2 for 1 Roadkill. 

The market is well stocked with Blood Coffee, Spicy Vampire Venom, Sour Milk, Scream Cheese, Voodoo Spirits, Anguished Vapors, and Vampire Vodka.

The Potions and Poisons sale starts at midnight so don’t be late.

Mr. Cleaver is in his usual place butchering something delightfully disgusting.
Hairy Hagatha has just released her latest cookbook, “The Ghoulish Gourmet.”  Screaming eggs at 59 cents per dozen is a steal.

As usual, the Bones brothers are playing checkers and drinking beer.

Cadaver and Digger have arrived with their delivery of bones from the graveyard.

Terrible Tina’s Tasty Treats stand is full of ghoulish goodies.

Mr. Humerus has finished his shopping and sits on a bench reading the Grimsley Village News with his pet Spider.

There he is Mr. Morty himself creeping around the corner.

This project is packed with chipboard and paper die-cut kits that make it easy to assemble, starting with the main structure which is a Deep Storefront Box, to 10 inch Bay Windows, Bagatelle Boxes and Storage Hutch (used to construct the inside wall unit), with many more smaller items like the crates, a hanging lantern, and shelving.

Further in the post, there is a link to a video tutorial where I show you how I put the market together.  In addition, I’ve created 3 new collage sheets and a digital image set.  There is a link further down where you can pop over to AlphaStamps to easily see all the products I use as well as a detailed list of products with links.

And last but not least some free images to go with the project.

This collage sheet contains images to create a Halloween Market.  On this sheet, you will find Moldy Morty, Mr. Cleaver (the butcher), a sandwich board, three cookbooks, and lots of signage.  To purchase this sheet click on the image below.

Mini Halloween Market Labels Collage Sheet

This sheet contains 59 unique food, drink, and potion labels in four different sizes ranging from 3/8” high to ¾” high that should fit a variety of miniature containers. These work well with 1:12 scale miniature projects.  To purchase this sheet, click on the image below.

Mini Halloween Market Labels Collage Sheet

This collage sheet contains 40 unique food and drinks labels that can be used to label containers or as posters for miniature projects.  
Labels include: Vintage Mummy Dust, Bone Broth – Fresh from the grave, Blood Coffee, Vlad’s Famous Stewed Bat Wings, Spicy Vampire Venom, Rancid Toads, Spider Eggs, Road Kill Sauce, Sour Milk, Werewolf Fangs, Dead Man’s Toes Cereal – Extra Crunchy, Scream Cheese, Potatoes with Warts, Dried Rat Tails, Marinated Spider Legs, Beatrix Myopia’s Eyeball Soup, Voodoo Spirits, Werewolf Moonshine, Vampire Vodka, Anguished Vapors, Monster Brew, Scorpion Venom, Embalming Fluid, Pumpkin Puke,  Rancid Fruit Juice, Wormy Apples, Dried Zombie Brains, Crispy Witches Warts, Severed Fingers, Angry Cookies, Snail Slime, Pickled Eyeballs, Witch Wine, Black Cat Brew, Hair of the Dog Beer, Blood Beer, Dracula’s Reserve Wine, Ghoul & Sons Whisker Whiskey, Distilled Swamp Water, Harpy Nails.  Top purchase this sheet click on the picture below.

Moldy Morty’s Market Digital Image Set

This image set contains 80 images which includes all of the images from the Moldy Morty’s Market Collage Sheet, the Mini Halloween Market Labels Collage Sheet, and the Halloween Market Food & Drink Labels Collage Sheet.  In addition, there are more signs, characters, and other items that work well with the spooky market.  To purchase this image set click on the image below.


Feel free to download and use the images below for your projects (downloads are actual size).


Detail Supply List 


12x12Masquerade Paper Set

6x6Masquerade Paper Pack

Dry Wood Scrapbook Paper

Color Vibe Woods 6x8 Paper Pad

Moldy Morty’s Market Collage Sheet

MoldyMorty’s Market Digital Image Set

Mini Halloween Market Labels Collage Sheet

Halloween Food & Drink Labels

Mini Witchy Library Collage Sheet


10 Inch Bay Window

Deep Storefront Room Box

Storage Hutch

Bagatelle Box 1-1/2 x 3 Inches

Bagatelle Box 1-1/2 x 4 Inches

Small Hexagon Lantern

Clump Foliage – Fall Mix

Old Fashion Faucet

Tiny Spice Rack w/Dowel

Pair of Half Scale Shelf Brackets

Small Spice Rack

Clear Plastic for Windows


Round White Serving Dish

Plastic Serving Tray

Even Tinier Chipboard Crates Half Scale

Tiny Chipboard Creates Set of 2

Oval Metal Serving Tray

Mini Wooden Barrel

Miniature Barrel Planter

Mini Egg Carton

Eggs in Open Carton

Old Fashion Flour Sacks

Oval White Serving Tray

Unfinished Wooden Bucket

Silver Cookie Sheet or Oven Tray

Tiny Unfinished Wooden Barrels

Mini Wooden Oil Drum


Acrylic Black Sitting Cat Cut-Outs

1 Inch Black Acrylic Ravens

Meat Cleaver Charm

Black Stone Skull Beads

Mini Wooden Cutting Board

Meat Cleaver Charm

Miniature Paper Dispenser

Plastic Skeletons

Miniature Flying Bats

Miniature Vintage Cash Register

Mini Meat Grinder

Metal Sickle

Grocery Scale

Metal Mortar & Pestle

Set of Cutting Boards

Perched Owl Embellishments

Miniature Mallet

Butcher Block Tools

Mixed Painted Pumpkins

Pumpkin Pods

Tim Holtz Mini Skulls & Pumpkins

Unfinished Step Ladder


Polymer Clay Halloween Slice Mix

Polymer Clay Dark Halloween Slice Mix

Halloween Mini Cookies – Polymer Clay Slice Mix


1:12 Resin Brandy Bottle - Red

1:12 Resin Brandy Bottle – Brown

Miniature Green Wine Bottle

Miniature Red Wine Bottle

Mini Clear Resin Whisky Bottle

White Canister Set

Mini Beer Cans

Green Resin Bottles Set of 2

Mini Mason Jars – Set of 3

Old Fashion Grocery Cans

3cm Tall Bottle with Cork

12 Tiny Glass Bottles

Chunky Glass Bottle with Lid

Small Chipboard Apothecary Jar Shapes

1 Inch Plastic Bones

Jelly Jar with Lid

Large Clear Resin Potions Bottle

Small Clear Resin Potions Bottle

Amber Resin Contoured Bottle

Amber Resin Beer Bottle

Green Resin Beer Bottle

Pickle Jar with Lid

Paint Can

Metal Paint Can with Lid

White Resin Quart Bottle

White Resin Cocoa Container

Set of 5 Tiny Amber Bottles

6 or 12 Tiny Glass Bottles

Even Tinier Bottles

Amber Even Tinier Bottles

Red Jam Mini Resin Jars

Milk Jug Buttons

Ghoulish Green Mini Resin Jars

Grape Jelly Mini Resin Jars

Amber Resin Potions Bottle

Miniature Wine Bottle Set

If you are interested in the other Grimsley Village pieces, you can find the video tutorials and supply list by clicking the links below.

Grimsley Village Part 1 (which includes)
Happy Bat Tavern
Grizelda's House of Beauty
The Retching Toad Eatery
Ghoul & Sons Chemists
The Thrifty Witch
Grimsley Village Part 2 (which includes)
Black Cat Emporium
Buzzard Bed & Breakfast
Cadaver & Digger Undertakers
Village Square


johala said...

Hello Laura
LOL, I love your creation, excellent!!!
You're really the best!!!
Have a nice day!
Hugs and kisses

E said...

Hi Laura, Love love your creations and wow what a great resource list ... of course the one thing I am curious about isn't listed ... the ghost meringues would love a tutorial for them if you made them I've played with clays but cant seem to master the right consistency for this look appears almost as an icing consistency?? Thanks E

Marian said...

Me encanta la escena.
Has colocado multiples detalles para disfrutar mucho con ella.
Un saludo

R's Rue said...

Wonderful creation. I love it. Have a happy weekend.