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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Halloween Haunted Village Event - PART 2

The Halloween Haunted House event continues with Part 2!  It’s time to check out some of the other fine businesses in Grimsley Village.
First stop is the Black Cat Emporium where you’ll find unique, strange and sometimes ghoulish items.  If you want to stay the night you can always get a room at the Buzzard Bed & Breakfast and should something unfortunate and final occur, Cadaver & Digger Undertakers will take care of everything.
Before you leave be sure to stop at the town square where you can say hello to the mayor.
You can tell by the name and the décor that the owner is very fond of black cats.
The shop proprietor is Mr. Grimsley.  As you might guess, the town was founded by his ancestors.  What a lovely cabinet full of all kinds of goodies.
In the shop window, you can see a beautiful crystal ball and a bowl of very rare dragon tears.
Look, they have a one of a kind All Seeing Eye.  I have no idea what’s in that bell jar and I’m not sure I want to know.

The Buzzard Bed & Breakfast doesn’t get many customers, the last was a couple of honeymooners who came and never left. You can see the bride's ghost in the front window.
I bet she was a lovely bride, but now, not so much.
For a spookier look add spider webs.

I see Mr. Cadaver is directing one of his zombie minions.  There are rumors in the town that Cadaver and Digger are digging up more than they are burying.  I suspect they are the ones supplying Ghoul and Sons Chemists with the skeletons.
You don’t suppose that this is where the Retching Toad Eatery's food comes from???  The place looks a bit torturous.
Yes, there is really an embalming solution named “Frigid”.  I guess when you deal with the dead you have to have a sense of humor.
The main square is in the heart of the village.  The residents are proud of its lovely 13th-hour clock.  Looks like it's a full moon tonight.
There’s the mayor waiting to great newcomers.
And look, the Halloween Carnival is coming and you can buy your tickets at the clock tower.
Looks like the evening edition of the Grimsley Village Herald is out and tonight’s headline is “Halloween Carnival Comes To Town – October 1”.  There are some other interesting articles too; “Thrifty Witch to Expand”, “Unhappy Customer Sues Grizelda’s House of Beauty” and “Strange Noises Heard at Night at the Dying to Get in Cemetery”.  
Things are never dull in Grimsely Village!

There is a collage sheet for each of the 4 village pieces covered in PART 2 plus a spooky windows collage sheet like the one in Part 1 and collage sheet with blank signs and plaques.  For each of the collage sheets, there is a corresponding digital image set which contains all of the images in the collage sheets and more. 

For those who purchase PDF collage sheets, you might find this older video tutorial of mine that covers how to how to re-size PDF formatted collage sheets, how to cut and paste individual images from the collage sheets (which is great for only printing the images you want and printing multiple version of the image) and how to re-size individual images, helpful.

This set includes 23 images.  All of the images from the Black Cat Emporium collage sheet are included in this set plus a gargoyle pediment.
This set includes 28 images.  All of the images from the Buzzard Bed & Breakfast collage sheet are included in this set plus an additional 4 images; a pair of shutters, a door, a large version of the clock face and a large version of the coffin clock.
This set includes 30 images.  All of the images from the Cadaver and Digger Undertakers are included in this set plus an additional 7 images; a stack of crates, a cauldron, a guillotine, 3 tombstones and a skull.
This set includes 22 images.  All of the images from the Grimsley Collage Sheet are included in this set plus an additional 7 images; 13th-hour clock, moon, skull streetlight, black skull, blank newspaper, stone arch, and a blank street sign.
This set includes 21 images.  All of the images are from the Spooky Windows and More Spooky Windows Collage Sheets.

This set includes 25 blank signs and plaques.  All of the images from the Blank Signs & Plaques collage sheet are included in this set plus an additional 8 signs.

Alpha Stamps has created some kits for the Halloween Village Event & Haunted House Swap. Of course, all of the products in the kits are available individually.

The Haunted House kit contains a chipboard house, chipboard window, 3 collage sheets and 12 x 12 papers.  Click on the image below for more details.

The Haunted House add-on kit contains all four of the chipboard houses, all four of the chipboard windows, 3 chipboard skeletons and 4 sheets of 12 x 12 paper.

The Haunted Village Collage Sheet Set contains all 11 of the new Haunted Village collage sheets from Part 1.  Click on the image below for more details.

The Haunted Village Collage Sheet Set contains all 6 of the new Haunted Village collage sheets from Part 2.  Click on the image below for more details.

If you are new to the event you will want to watch the Part 1 videos first before watching part two.  I reference several things covered in the Part 1 videos so if you haven't seen them they might not make sense.  


Below is a free collage sheet of wood trims in a PNG format.  The sheet contains 8 different wood patterns in 2 sizes.  You can use them to trim doors, windows and as baseboards or paneling.

Click here If you would prefer to download an Adobe PDF version of the collage sheet.

Below is a sheet of the awning template I used for the Black Cat Emporium. Feel free to download the template. 

If you have any questions I suggest you use the Email Me button in the left side column of the blog.  If you post a question in the comments section, your email address may not be linked to the comment so I have no way to respond to you. If you have asked me a question in the past and have not gotten a response this is why.  

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Halloween Haunted Village 
Every village has its haunted mansion, a place that is whispered about and strangers are warned not to go near.  For Grimsley Village, it's Ghostmore Manor. Some say it's cursed other say it’s full of dark magic.  Even the dastardly Cadaver and Diggers Undertakers avoid Ghostmore.

Halloween Haunted Village - MAD SCIENTIST LABORATORY
It’s a dark and stormy night in Grimsley Village, the kind of night Dr. Deranged has been waiting for.  Tonight he will be taking advantage of the lighting storm to further his work on animating a giant brain.
With help from his mechanical minions, Dr. Derange hopes to see the culmination of his diabolical plans.
Inside all preparations have been made.  The brain is resting on the platform being fed by tubes of fluid.  The electrodes are in place leading up to the lightning collector installed on the roof.
In a fevered frenzy, Dr. Deranged works to finish the construction of his electrical plasma machines which he hopes will harness enough energy to animate the brain.  His work is cutting edge and dangerous.  If things don't work out, no doubt Cadaver and Digger will be the first on the scene.
You can see his formulas on the chalkboard, books, charts and laboratory equipment.  It’s taken years of work culminating in this one night.
On the outside, the lab appears calm and serene surrounded by seasonal pumpkins and vines, but inside it’s a different story.
The storm is getting closer, which means it’s time to fire up the machines.
Everyone in Grimsley Village senses something is about to happen.  After tonight, the world might not ever be the same……BWAHAHAHAHA

Halloween Haunted Village - FORSAKEN CEMETERY

The cemetery gates have been locked for years, no one goes in and no one comes out.  Buried behind the gates are some infamous characters like Dracula and the members of the Usher family.  Thankfully, Dracula’s coffin is chained and locked.  Ghosts float in an out of the tombs, crypts, and mausoleums.  It’s rumored that a werewolf stalks the ground.  The locals lock themselves in their homes on a full moon.



Angie said...

Oh my gosh, I'm so happy! I've been waiting all week to see the second half of the village and I can't decide what I like the most. I've already ordered my chipboard houses and I'm waiting for them to come in so I can get started if I can ever figure out exactly what to do. So many choices, I love it!

smokeysmom said...

I, too, have been waiting for Part 2!! And, you do not disappoint. It's hard to pick a favorite, but the bed & breakfast is really neat. Hey, I never did receive a collage sheet from Part 1 for "spreading the word". Did you not receive my email??

April CraftKnifeChronicles said...

Oh Laura - I just can't believe how fantastic this project is! Every time I look at the photos or watch the videos I see another detail or trinket that I didn't catch the other times. I was so excited for part two and it is just terrific. I can't wait for my chipboard houses and other goodies to get to me so I can start in on the fun. Thanks so much for sharing and all your hard work on this project.

johala said...

Too much funny! You wtch too many horror films! LOL
Hugs and kisses

Kerstin F. said...

Fantastic, the spooktacular journey is going on. I love your various ideas with humor and winking!! I can't get enough of it!!! Many thanks for this wonderful inspiration!!

Deonna Bemish said...

Fantastic!! I love your work! I love spooky things. So much fun wrapped up in one. Thanks for sharing your work of ARt.

butterfly said...

What joys... My world of work has caught up with me, so sadly I don't think I'm going to get to play, but I'm still enjoying the journey!
Alison x

Linda Knox said...

Love watching your creations come to life from your imagination. Thanks for sharing your talents. Love this.

Heather Maxwell said...

Laura, I don't know how you do it all! Part 2 is just as cool as part one! Can't wait to see the finale. :)

Anonymous said...

This haunted village is wonderful!! Great imagination!

Emily Nilson said...

Love the haunted village. All your work is great!1

BarbaraRaney said...

I love all the things you come up with. I'm always so impressed with how talented you are. And your imagination must never stop. Thanks so much for sharing. Can't wait to see number 3 comes out.

JackieP Neal said...

My supplies are due today!! yay!

traci said...

Laura you always amaze with your paper creativity. You have the best Halloween projects I love the black cat emporium-since I am a huge cat lover but they whole village is awesome. >^..^<

Lucy said...

This is really fun. I love all the different aspects to the Haunted Halloween village. Really inspiring. Thank you for sharing and stimulating our imaginations.

Chark said...

love part 2! think this is the set I'll get-great inspiration, Laura!

Tarnished Rose said...

There are more new collage sheets in addition to the first 11? WOW, got to get them!


Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

Laura, I'm not entering the contest - so if my 'number comes up' LOL just spin the wheel again.

But I had to write to tell you how much time I have spent going over the incredible details and attention to the most minute thing in this village. It must really be seen by real people somewhere - a LOT of people - a fair or something like that. It's just INCREDIfreakin'BLE!!!

And your giving away free collage sheets is remarkably generous of you.

Thanks for sharing all this wonderful-ness with us mere mortals! LOL

Retta B. said...

Would love to win. These are just wonderful!

smokeysmom said...

Had to come view the Village again. It is just so amazing! Keeping my fingers (and toes) crossed to win the 6 collage sheets! You are an incredible talent, my friend:)

Joni said...

I love your village. I am feeling very inspired to try and make at least one of the buildings. Thank you for sharing your instructions and details.