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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Apothecary Event Giveaway – Update

I hope you have all been enjoying the apothecary eye candy I’ve been throwing at you from the giveaway participants.  I know I have been inspired by the direction each person has taken and all the clever ideas.  Below is the list of participants I have on the list so far.  I’ve posted the artwork of all of them with the exception of a couple.  Today I discovered that some of the entrants emails had been dumping into a spam file of mine.  I think I recovered everything and contacted all the people affected.  If you have sent me your entry, and you don’t see your name on the list below, please contact me again so I can get you on the list and post your pictures.

You have until October 30th to send me your entry.  You can send me pictures or the link to your blog where your pictures are posted.  I’ll be doing another big post (like today) of entrants on the 30th

Tracey-Anne McCartney
Gene Fisher
Hazel Thomson
Joanne Parkin
JoAnne Webster
Carmen Daspit
Martina Fuchs
Wendy Aspinall
Janice Bryanted
DiAnn Denson
Rhea Freitag
Ginger Benedict
Ginger Brame
Janice VanBeek
Paulette Lancaster
Sue Young
Virginia Johnson
Debbie Lynch
Celine Verdegaal
Ruth Hanslbauer
Donna Humphries
Karen Mallory

Laurie Davis – Not posted yet - holding for a question
Barbara Thompson – Not yet posted - holding for more photos

Other Things Coming In October

I have more Halloween stuff planned for you!  I have another type of book that I’ll be posting that didn't make it into the video tutorial on books, coffins and cauldrons.  I’ll be participating in the Halloween Blog Party Saturday that is hosted by Afancifultwist.com so I have a bunch more art ready for that event.  And for Halloween, in addition to posting the winners of the giveaway I have another apothecary of mine to show you.  

1 comment:

Di Denson said...

Thank you Laura for taking the time to host the giveaway. It has been great to see all of the wonderful art work.
Can't wait to see more DiAnn