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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Love Shack

I call this house “Love Shack” because it makes me think of the B-52’s song.  Particularly the line “Tin Roof…Rusted”.  This house is made of foam core board and the roof really is rusted.  It’s not a paint treatment but real rust.  I thought I’d post this as a prelude to my tutorial on rusting (as I’m running a little behind finishing it).  The house is an end result of a class that I and the Creative Team ladies attended at Paper, Metal, Scrap in Payson AZ.  The best part of the class for me was learning the rusting technique.  I loved it so much I rusted an entire wall.  To decorate our houses we were given vintage magazines for images and boxes of odds and ends for dimensional embellishment.

The door on the front of the house is a glass slide that has been edged in copper tape and soldered.  The paper above the door is cupcake liner paper.

On the right side the windows are made from dominos with images of couples.  The paper above the windows is more of the cupcake liner paper.

The tree on the left side of the house is made by crumpling very thin paper, applying glue then shaping.  I decided to shape an apple tree.
The back of the house is again dominos with images of couples.
I’ll be posting more houses made by the Creative Team in future months (they went crazy making whole villages).


Kris Dickinson said...

Oh how wonderfully clever! I love this Laura!

Createology said...

Wow this is an amazing art piece. The Love Shack is totally fitting for the theme. Love this very much. Looking forward to your rusting techinques. I would love to see your entire wall. Marvelous May to you...

deb said...

Wow clever fun idea! Especially in a group! It's always fun to see different takes on the same theme!

Beverly Sager said...

I love little house-y things and this is wonderful, with or without the rust! Never would have thought to use dominos for windows, and the way you used the cupcake liners is very clever. Michael's has so many printed cupcake liners and I've often thought they could be used in altered art - and now they have!

Joy said...

This is amazing! I love it.


Angie said...

Laura, your "Love Shack" is perfect! I love all the ideas and the glass door idea is ingenius. My niece makes faux stained glass and I'm wondering if the longer glass slides could be made into faux stained glass windows. (perhaps I'll get to it someday)

Thanks for the wonderful ideas as always.


RosA said...

Laura, Your little house is SO clever! I absolutely love it!

Anonymous said...

Your house is great! Did you know the magazine Cloth, Paper, Sissors is having a call for artwork of houses? It is the May/June issue. You have to use their pattern that is in the magazine but I bet if you did something like this they would publish it. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!