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Monday, September 3, 2012

Poe Themed Altered Altoids Tin

More eye candy for you Poe fans.  The middle of this piece an Altoids tin which makes a perfect niche for a frame.
The candle is made from a wooden skewer and the holder is a bead.  I’ve used a bead cap as an inkwell.  I used a drop and beads to create a chandelier.
I used Pitch Black Alcohol Ink to paint the edges of the white flowers and also paint some of the white flowers completely black.


Diane at Craftin Your HeART Out! said...

OMG!! I truly love this piece. Absolutely gorgeous. I love the blue flowers you used as I love that color blue. There is just something about this piece that makes me feel so calm but yet has a mysterious feel of intrigue and suspense. Simply beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing this piece. Do you have an Etsy Store, hint hint hint......LOL

Have a great week!
Take care,

ann said...

Gorgeous work so creative !!!

ike said...

WoW - my jaw clanged to the ground I can tell you !! This is a stunningly awesome piece. So Much going on and you get no idea of the scale until you read the description. Absolutely brilliant piece :-D xxxxxxxx

Sandy said...

And this is mine. :)
Laura this was standing in my window all the time and its oustanding.
I love all the little details.
Thanks that you made this for me.

johala said...

Wahou! Wonderful. I love the two angels you put on it! Where did you find them, are they vintage, or can we buy them somewhere???
Hugs and kisses

Angela Reeves said...

Really gorgeous, so much amazing detail!

Terri Daugherty said...

Laura, this piece blows me away! Outstanding in every way!!!

Angie said...

Laura, I would never have guessed that this is an Altoids tin! Of course, you made so many wonderful elements to enhance it, that it's terrific. Poe fits so well with a classical gothic Halloween creation.

Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Yep, this one made me swoon! I swear you are the master of all things crafty. Now I want to go pull out all my Poe items and play.

It is fabulous!

Kathi said...

Wow. This is stunning! Great work!

Off to pin!

Gina Peake said...

Ok...now your just showing off. LOL! I'm kidding of course. Your creations just get better and better. And I love anything Poe.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful! Love Poe and what a tribute here!

smokeysmom said...

WOW, Laura! If possible, you've outdone yourself with this one. It is just fabulous! Just awesome!

lilyandthelotus.blogspot.com said...

Well as you now I love Poe..I get it ..you like to tease right..so wonderful gorgeous.I could never say enough praise for your art.
susan s.

Candace Jedrowicz said...

Ohh my heck! It's fabulous!

Karenliz Henderson said...

Another absolutely amazing piece. WOW This is gorgeous!

ImagiMeri said...

Egads woman, I've been watching your work for some time now, and we've simply got to meet up. I'm hosting a bloggers luncheon on November 10th and I still have one or two spaces open....would you like to come?


HI! I'm Tabitha said...

laura that is AMAZING!!! can you come to my house and play ? i want to soak up ur creativity

Unknown said...

I just love what you have done!! I am so amazed at your amazing talent. How you come up with some of these I have no clue.....don't EVER stop!!!

Tanya said...

Amazing work! Love it :)