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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ghoul and Sons Chemists

Trusted Name for the Last 500 Years
“All Our Best Customers Are Underground”

This is my last Halloween treat for you!!

This piece has three tiers consisting of matchboxes, two Altoids tins and a chipboard potion bottle for a back (the same kind I used for the potion swap).  All the tiers are hinged together.  The first tier is a matchbox chest with drawers that open.   The matchboxes are sitting on a decorative piece of chipboard.  The chipboard is hinged to the first Altoids tin.  By lifting the copper colored spider charm you can lift the top to reveal the contents - the matchboxes and everything are still attached.

I used one of the chipboard potion bottles that I used for the potion swap for the back of the piece.  The first layer is a matchbox chest with drawers that open.  The matchboxes are sitting a decorative piece of chipboard.  The chipboard is hinged to the first Altoids tin.  By lifting the copper colored spider charm you can lift the top to reveal the contents. 

Inside the Ghoul sons are busy at work mixing their concoctions.  The bottles you see are resting on a piece of chipboard.  By pulling on the ribbon handles you can lift the bottles out of the tin.
At the bottom of the tin are Masonite bottles – the same ones I used for the book apothecary in the tutorial.  You can use them to prop up the glass bottles attached to the chipboard; like a traveling samples case.
The first and second tins are hinged together. By pulling on the two spider web copper colored charms you can lift the entire piece and access the second Altoids tins.    That’s where the Ghoul family keeps its spare parts!
I hope you have enjoyed my little engineering project!   

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Henny said...

my...this is soooo beautiful!
I have seen a lot of great Halloween stuff... but this one is the best!
Happy Halloween!

Sarah said...

Your creations just keep getting better and better. This one is fabulous, Laura!

Mary Ann Tate said...

Absolutely brilliant. I love the use of the Altoids tins...it's all amazing:)

bobbie said...

This, I think, takes the cake!!!
Absolutely fabulous ~~~

Sandi McLean said...

One creation after another and they keep getting more and more Fabulous!

Primitive Seasons said...

Fantastic---as your fans have come to expect! One of the best Halloween projects I've seen on the net. You must work 24/7 to commplish so much---or you don't need a lot of sleep. Really enjoyed this one!


Tarnished Rose said...

Wonderful, fabulous, amazing!


genagirl said...

I honestly have no idea how you come up with these!!!!! However, I'm glad you do because they give me such cool ideas of my own!!!

Di Denson said...

This is great I want to make one! I love what you do with matchboxes.
Thanks for giving us such great inspiration DiAnn

Diane at Craftin Your HeART Out! said...

Hi Laura,

This is fantastic! What an imagination you have. I definitely am adding this to my Want to Make List for sure!! Thank you so much for all the OUT OF THIS WORLD creations you have shown and shared with us for this Halloween Season! I am anxiously wating for what you are going to come up with for Thanksgiving and especially for Christmas!!

Take care,

Cynthia said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome! I am in awe of your creativity.

Ginger said...

I am speechless! This is even more awesomer than usual. I love it! You are my hero.

silvergran said...

WOW!! Another amazing work! :)

Machele O'Dufaigh said...

How absolutely inspired, I love your originality. You pull all the elements together so perfectly, right down to those fabulous skull legs. Fantastic!!

Unknown said...

Laura, Laura, how do you do it? Your creative mind is always in full throttle mode - and I love it! Yet another project that is off the chart. I especially love the pull out tray that holds the bottles - just brilliant! I honestly think that there isn't anything that you can't do or any engineering challenge that would stump you. LOL I've enjoyed all your video tutorials. I am especially interested in how you mangage to do so many projects back to back. I'd love to learn how I can manage my time more wisely. I can't keep up with you! LOL Please give us some tips on how to be more productive. Thank you so much for inspiring us all!


Sandra said...

Laura, I'm completly in love with your Ghoul and son chemists cabinet. What a gorgeous project !

Georgie Horn said...

I love what you've done with these items!

bobbie said...

This is SO fabulous!!

Daniele said...