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Sunday, June 16, 2013

If You’ve Got it Flaunt It! Digital Art by Jeanne Draachreider

I just had to share the fabulous digital artwork by Jeanne Draachreider.  She used images from my Bejeweled Collage sheet for the beautiful hair piece and other bits.  The original image (seen below) was extracted from Young Woman by Bartolomeo Da Veneto from the early 16th century.  For the background she used Itkupilli Golden and Holliewood Once Upon a Time images.
 You can see more of Jeanne’s art on Pinterest.


lilyandthelotus.blogspot.com said...

Beautiful Beautiful..love digital work but cannot do it myself.
susan s

Jeanne D said...

Thanks Susan...a year ago I couldn't do digital either, but I'm learning. :) You can always learn too... :)

Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing such a talented Artist!
I so want to know how to make all these wonderful graphics!!

Happy Creating