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Sunday, November 9, 2014


I started these two fall-themed pieces last year.  I kind of got stuck on how I wanted to finish them so I put them aside and moved on to Christmas art.
I used images of leaves and birds, leaf trim, sequin leaves, and beads to decorate the piece.  The door in the back is a rub-on transfer I made.  Also in the background is an image of a picture frame that I cut in half.  Most of the images for both of the pieces are from my collage sheets.
The green man at the top and border at the bottom are made of paper clay.  For the green man, I used a brass piece to make a mold.  For the bottom piece, I stamped the clay with a rubber stamp.

The music and tree in the background of this piece are again rub-on transfers that I made.  Click here for a tutorial on how to make your own rub-on transfers.
As embellishments, I used images of leaves a bird & squirrel, embossed oak leaves, leaf sequins, acrylic leaves, pine cones and a glitter texture mixture for sparkle.  The violin is a rub-on from my stash.


peggy gatto said...

gorgeous designs and marvelous attention to details!

johala said...

Hello Laura
Very beautiful cards, I love them! Thanks!
Hugs and kisses

Janet Ghio said...

These are so pretty! So glad that you finished them.

Jeanie said...

These are beautiful, Laura. I'm so glad you rediscovered these works in progress and shared them with us.

Lu L. said...