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Saturday, January 21, 2017

WINTER PARK - Video Tutorial - New Collage Sheet & Digi Image Set

It’s a beautiful day at Winter Park.  The sunshine turns the park into a magical place as the sun bounces off the ice-crusted trees and structures.
Skaters are taking advantage of the break in the wintry weather and enjoying skating on the park’s frozen pond; some are more graceful than others.
If you look closely, you’ll see small creatures enjoying the beautiful weather.
The fountain's cascading sprays are frozen in place, creating a beautiful ice sculpture, and trees are dressed in glistening ice.
A fancy horse-drawn sleigh chauffeuring fashionable ladies passes by. You’ll find out about these cuties and more in my next project.
Looks like some have used the break in the weather to shop.

The overall dimension of this piece is 24” x 16”.  You might be thinking that it’s large, but the good news is that it is made of multiple pieces that you can easily store separately.  Because it's modular, it also makes it easy to tackle as much or as little of the project as you like.

To complement this project, I created a new collage sheet, “Ice Follies,” and a new digital image set, “Winter Park.”

This winter-themed collage sheet contains ladies and a gentleman frolicking on the ice and a beautiful sleigh pulled by horses.  Click on the image below to purchase this sheet.

This image set contains architectural pieces that can be used to create a winter park or other outdoor scene.  It also includes the skaters and sleigh found on the Ice Follies collage sheet for a total of 35 images. Click on the image below to purchase this set.

In the video tutorial below, I’ll be covering:
- How to assemble the pieces
- Creating dimension with paper
- How to suspend paper images
- Making Icicles
- Snow
- Frozen pond with skaters
- Building a fountain


Brick Wall Scrapbook Paper
Provencal Cobblestone Scrapbook Paper
Creepy Tree 8”
Creepy Tree – 5 Inch
3D Chipboard Tree – 6 Inch
3D Chipboard Tree – 8 Inch
Cottage Base – 9x9x1
Twinklets Diamond Dust
Clock, Finial & Borders Silicone Mold
Silicone Mold – Ornaments & Settings
Creative Paperclay – For fountain & snow mounds
Lavabo Fish & Basin Wall Fountain Set
Wood Finial Chess Pawns
Embossed Round Paper Mache Box – 3 Inch – Lid for fountain base
Tiny Wooden Flower Pots – For the top of the fountain
1/8 Inch Red Satin Ribbon
Metal Patinas – Antique Copper
Guilders Paste - Patina


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