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Saturday, March 4, 2017


This month’s theme at Alpha Stamps is “Beauty and the Beast,” which fits in nicely with the upcoming remake by Disney.  I’ve chosen to illustrate the story using a chipboard Taj Mahal Folding Card and collage various decorative papers and collage sheet images.  The general pictorial inspiration comes from AlphaStamps new Walter Crane Beauty and the Beast collage sheet, which if full of colorful illustrations.  
I’ve also used other collage sheets for greenery and architectural details.   Although most of my piece is paper, I’ve incorporated a few charms, a chipboard clock, and pieces of filigree. 


I started by adding decorative paper from the Midnight Masquerade 12x12 Patterns & Solids Pad to the front and back of the folding card.
I then began building a scene using images from the Walter Crane Beauty and the Beast collage sheet.  
The urns with plants and the roses are from the Bricks, Arches & Climbing Roses and the Garden Urns collage sheets.  
To create more dimension, I popped up layers of some of the images, such as:
  • The top of Belle’s body
  • The arm, head, and bottom half of the Beasts body
  • The scrollwork on each side of the couch
  • The top of the table
  • The roses
I used multiple layers of double-sided foam tape to pop the table up far enough that I could set the candelabra and teapot on the table.
The clock is die-cut chipboard that I painted, then added Dresden and pieces of filigree.  The silver ring is from my stash, and I used Glossy Accents on the clock face to make it look like glass.

On the back, I used architectural pieces such as the balcony from the Balconies & Foliage collage sheet and the wall with a gate from the Brick, Arches & Climbing Roses collage sheet.
The tree and urns with green leaves are from the Garden Urns collage sheet, and the urns with fruit trees are from the Oddities Box Doors & Windows collage sheet.
To give the scene on the back more dimension, I popped up:
  • The columns and round decorative ironwork on the fence
  • The fruit trees and their pots
  • The roses
NOTE:  As I added layers of images to the front and back, I would re-bend the folding card.  I also attached the images with the card partially folded. If you don’t fold it as you add images, it might not bend when you are done.

Taj Mahal Folding Card
Walter Crane Beauty and the Beast Collage Sheet
Oddities Box Doors & Windows Collage Sheet
Brick, Arches & Climbing Roses Collage Sheet
Garden Urns Collage Sheet
Balconies & Foliage Collage Sheet
Midnight Masquerade 12x12 Patterns & Solids Pad
3D Silver Tea Time Teapot Charm
Silver Candelabra Charm
Tiny Dot Dresden Borders - Gold
Victorian Furniture Chipboard Set 1 – Sofa
15mm Filigree Connector – Antique Bronze
Fancy Leaf Header Filigree
Raw Brass Flourish
Mini Rose Buds - Red


claude said...

A charming card! Staging, colors, everything is perfect

Unknown said...

How wonderful! ♥
xo Michelle ♥

Betsy Skagen said...

You take even the simplest project and make it stunning.

Jackie PN said...

OMgosh- incredible Laura!!
Such an elaborate triptych~your details are stunning
Jackie xx