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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Elevator - Streets of Paris Event - VIDEO TUTORIAL - NEW IMAGE SET

At long last, the Paris shops have installed an elevator in the center of the building.  

The secret to this elevator is an easy-to-assemble lantern kit, which makes the construction a breeze.  

By adding vintage stained glass images (from my new digital image set, details below) printed on vellum to the inside, filigree, and elevator images (free further down in the post) to the outside, you can create a lovely miniature elevator.
On the inside of the lid is a tea light which gives the inside a soft glow.  The elevator is suspended from the opening in the ceiling using a combination of basswood, chain, and pulley.
In the video tutorial, I cover how to construct the elevator. Although this elevator is a non-working one, in the tutorial, I cover how to make one that is working, plus the option of using a staircase instead.

This image set contains 29 unique stained glass images.  These images are great for collage projects or used as faux stained glass (printed on transparency film) in miniature projects.  To purchase this image set, click on the image below.

Feel free to download this collage sheet and use it in your projects.