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Monday, September 19, 2011

Murder Mystery ATCs

I participated in a swap where you had to create 6 characters and a profile for each that would fit into a murder mystery.  Here are my characters - all rotten to the core.

Desiree Flambeau
Desiree Flambeau a nightclub singer and dancer is the girlfriend of Benny “The Bookie” but is in love with Sam Snoop private eye.  If Benny finds out, Desiree knows that Benny will kill her and Sam.  Tonight is her last show at the El Morocco. After the show she intends to ask Sam to run away with her.  Unfortunately Desiree has a bad habit of choosing the wrong man.
Idelle Chattre
Idelle Chattre is a socialite, compulsive gambler, and in debt to Benny “The Bookie”.  Sam Snoop is blackmailing her over old embarrassing love letters she wrote to Damon Cheeter, but she doesn’t have the money to pay Sam.
Benny “The Bookie”
Benny is fresh out of jail on bail.  Benny’s bookmaking is just a cover for the mob.  Benny’s a much bigger fish as he's the “bag man” and main contact between the mob and dirty politician’s like Damon Cheeter.  Desiree is Benny’s main girl but he’s been known to spend time with Marguerite Ime Amistress.
Damon Cheeter
Damon’s a long-time politician and on the take, he accepts bribes from the mob for awarding them city contracts.  Handsome and rugged looking he’s quite the ladies’ man.  Damon doesn’t care who he steps on to get what he wants.
Marguerite Ime Amistress
Marguerite Ime Amistress boasts that she has only one vice, other women’s husbands.  Damon Cheeter, big city politician is one of her current conquests.  She recently came across some old love letters from Idelle Chatre to Damon and gave them to Sam Snoop.  Sam intends to use the love letters to blackmail Idelle, and promises to kick back 50% of the take to Marguerite.
Sam Snoop
Sam Snoop is a private detective and having an affair with Desiree Flambeau.  He’s looking for info on Benny “The Bookie”.  Sam’s a lone wolf; in his line of work, he can’t afford a serious relationship with a dame.  Private investigation just doesn’t pay much so Sam subsidizes his income with a little blackmail.  Marguerite gave him some racy love letters that he thinks Idelle Chatre will pay to keep private.  Damon Cheeter’s wife thinks her husband has a mistress so she hired Sam to find out.


Elaine A said...

Laura -

Love, love, love these! What an awesome set of cards. I love the names you gave the characters and their stories. I want to play this game - LOL!

Elaine Allen

Gina Peake said...


This is great!! What an imagination you have! It would take me months to come up with something like this. Again, SO cool!


Electra said...

I love these and I love the stories that accmpany them! That magnifying glass is wonderful!

bobbie said...

LOVE these!!! Awesome cards; wonderful story! You should write a book!!!

Cindy Adkins said...

Wow, this is an awesome set of ATCs!!!

Janet Ghio said...

These are so creative and really wonderful--the names are fabulous! what a fun swap.

Joanne said...

Oh I've laughed and laughed at this. Next chapter please.
Hugs Joanne xx

Lululiz said...

What a fabulous series of cards, you had me chuckling and sighing and laughing out loud.

Linda said...

Awesome...ATC's with a twist.

Kris Dickinson said...

What a spectacular series Laura. I'd love to know where you get all those fabulous images.

Jackie Tuttle said...

I get the e mail updates and was hoping there would be more of the story on your blog!!! What a hoot-the twenty's crime novel writers would have a run for the money with you as a writer! I love the spooky header on the blog, also. Keep up the good imaginative creating.
Jackie in Alaska

Unknown said...

Very, very cool. What a great spin on your ordinary ATC swap. Love it. :D

smokeysmom said...

What an imagination you must have! The stories behind the ATC characters are great! The ATCs are terrific looking, too!

Hester said...

Hi Laura,

Great story, great cards and great idea to the one that inspired it! Lots of fun.

Barb said...

LOL... really love these and I giggled my way thru' the story!Fantastic!

Unknown said...

OOhhhh I love all of your swap creations! I would really like to be in a swap, they sound so fun. :)

Sonya Badgley said...

These ATCs are amazing!! I love them! You are so darned creative!!

Seahorse Ranch Girl said...

What fun! Can I pick a favorite? Tough choice, but I'm going with Sam Snoop. That magnifying glass is so cool.

Lynne Phelps said...

I enjoyed these so much! I feel like I need to watch some film noire to follow up while in the afterglow of viewing these fantastic cards, LOL! Wonderful profiles, love how they all interconnected.

Sarah said...

Oh, what fun you must have had putting together these ATCs and criss-crossed story lines. You have outdone yourself on this series, Laura.