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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Steampunk Spells & Carnival Curiosities Hot Air Balloons, New Spooky Wings Collage Sheet & Digital Files – Plus VIDEO TUTORIAL

Up, up, up in the air we go with two new hot air balloons.  In addition to the new balloon examples, I have patterns for you to download to make your own balloons.  Plus a video tutorial that walks you through making each type of balloon and explains the all of the decorative details.  In the video I will also talk about the décor and construction of the Parfumerie balloon I posted a week ago.
The first new sample is “Carnival Curiosities” which is a plug for the Halloween Carnival event that kicks off on September 5th.  So those of you who plan to participate can get an early start if you like and make a balloon for your carnival! 
The second sample is Steampunk Spells made with really cool papers from the new Graphics 45 line.  I’ll be using some of these papers again for the Halloween Carnival.  It's a pretty will ride for the skeleton!
Further down in this post is a complete list of the products I used for both balloons which are carried by Alpha Stamps.
Spooky Wings Collage Sheet & Digital File Set
You’ll notice that both of the samples have wings.  They wings are from my new “Spooky Wings” collage sheet which contains 10 sets of wings. 
I also have a “Spooky Wings” digital file set which contains 12 sets of wings (10 are the same as the collage sheet plus two additional sets).  Digital files are great as they are separate images that you can size and print as many times as you like or use them in your digital art.  You’ll see me use these again in the Halloween Carnival.
In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make hot air balloons from decorative paper.  You can make them as large or small as you like; the only limitation is the size of the paper.  In the video tutorial below I’ll show you how to use the two patterns I have created to make two different types of balloons.
To download each pattern, click on the image to expand it, right-click and select Save As.
Alpha Stamp Products Used to Make the Carnival Curiosities Dirigible Balloon:
Alpha Stamps Products Used to Make the Steampunk Spells Hot Air Balloon:

Pretty Potions and Poisons Apothecary Collage Sheet Image Now Available as Digital File Sets
Digital files can be resized, rotated or flipped as needed.  The files are in .png format.  PNG format files have a transparent background so are easy to layer over other digital images.  Digital images can be saved to your computer and printed as many times as you wish.
The Potions & Poisons set contains 46 images.


johala said...

Oh my God! This is completly amazing. I love so much hot air balloons and this way it's very funny! I dream to set some in my studio! Something between Jules Verne and Baron of Münchhausen! LOL
What size is the balloon with crow?
Hugs and kisses

Deb said...

Fabulous Laura, thank you so much for sharing your wonderful design and tutorial with us. I forsee many hot air balloons floating through my future!

Karen Mallory said...

Totally amazing!! You are just so dang crative! Want to get started on the balloon and can't wait to make the carnival!!
hugs Karen

Createology said...

I believe you are the Holy Grail of Creativity Laura!!! I am enchanted by Steampunk and yours is uber fabulous. Halloween will be here very soon...

Maureen said...

Laura, your work is amazing! I came across your Halloween link at another blog and had to check out your tutorial videos yesterday.

Which meant that all day today I spent in my Studio creating a Matchbox cabinet because of your beautiful creations! Thank you for the inspiration and instructions! I had so much fun creating my own, that I did a blog post, linking your site and video (and I used one of your images and made sure to credit you of course). I hope that is okay. If not, please let me know!

I ADORE your Apothecary tutorials too and hope to try this next! I am looking forward to learning more and so have added you to my blog list so I can keep up with all your new posts! Thank you so much Laura!

silvergran said...

Fabulous creations! Using some rather nice paper collections!!

PeggyR said...

WOW this stuff is amazing

Laura S Reading said...

This is Steampunk weekend at out state Renaissance Faire. After seeing your interpretation of a hotair balloon I am looking at everything else I see in a new light.

Jeanne D said...

My Heavens Laura, I can't keep up with you. :) Your designs are so amazing. And you keep coming up with these wonderful collage sheets as well!

If you had been an architect you would have been famous for all the unique homes and buildings you would have designed!!

Seahorse Ranch Girl said...

Ditto to everything already said about this. How does your mind work?! Because you come up with mind blowing work. Like this.

Rachel said...

Argh!!! My mind is completely blown! These are just tooo fantastic for words.

smokeysmom said...

Your hot air balloons are awesome Laura! Just amazing! Too much for me to undertake I'm afraid, but they are wonderful. Such a talented lady :)

Victoria said...

Laura these are just wonderful!!!!!!They must have taken a lot of time and thought! You are so creative my friend! These are on my list of things to create this fall:)

Connie said...

Unbelievable . . . I'm bookmarking this post. I've got to try my hand at creating one of these.
Thanks for sharing :)

lilyandthelotus.blogspot.com said...

I have downloaded the file and will be watching you on you tube this afternoon ..beyond the amazing Laura this is just so beautiful and a marvel I can't wait to make mine
susan s

Dianne said...

Hey Laura, the Queen of 3D I applaud you )( )( )(. outstanding creative art, and you are VERY special to share it all, you videos are fabulous. I read in the comments you take all of our breaths away, thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend..

glitterBugStudios said...

Hi Laura, loved this tutorial and made one. Here is the link to the facebook photo album I shared on my fan page,Hidden Vintage Studios. Would love to know what you think! Hugs, Tracey

Heather371 said...

omg this is amazing, i love it!

Heather in wi

barbara macaskill said...

So freekin' awesome! Thank you so much for the great tutorial and templates!!!

barbara macaskill said...

So freekin' awesome! Thank you so much for the great tutorial and templates!!!