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Friday, February 26, 2016


Last summer, I purchased a set of two lanterns.  One of the lanterns arrived with the glass broken.  The company I purchased them from (Wayfair) was great, and they immediately replaced the broken lantern, and they didn't want the broken one back.  I hated throwing it away, so I created a mermaid scene.
The sides of the lantern were great for adding aquatic plants and creating the illusion that the seahorses and other creatures are swimming.
The columns stand in the center of the piece, with the mermaid queen sitting on her shell throne.  It provides a place to attach the thrown image, sea creatures, and aquatic plants.
All the images you see come from my Mermaid Garden Collage Sheet series.  These sheets are packed with all kinds of images to create a magical underwater world.




I first wrapped the wire around the top piece to keep it from sliding down.  Without the glass, there is nothing to hold the top piece in place.  I painted the wire to blend in with the lantern.
Next, I cut the bottom off of a Styrofoam cone to create a base. 
I applied glue to the Styrofoam and coated it in the sand.  I inserted a wooden skewer in the Styrofoam so I could lift it to sprinkle the sand on the sides.
To make the columns that are the centerpiece of the scene stand up, I added wooden skewers to the back side.  The bottom of the skewers sticks into the Styrofoam.  The column image comes from the mermaid garden collage sheet and is backed with thick printed cardstock.
In addition to the Asparagus Fern Garland, I found some cheap plastic greenery at the craft store, which I painted and glittered.
I glued various colors of sea glass around the Styrofoam base.  Tip:  you can use alcohol ink to change the color of the glass or to add more colors.  I used lots of pebbles and marbles from my stash on the top of the Styrofoam base.
On the base of the lantern, I added a mermaid pendant charm painted with Patina Paints.


Jane said...

What a beautiful scene you created here...it will make a fabulous summer table piece.

Createology said...

As always you have taken something ordinary and created something extraordinary. Enchanting Mermaid and her MerWorld! Embracing Creative Bliss...

Elizabeth said...

Absolute magic!

Lucy said...

That is so fun. Never waste something broken that can be incorporated into your art. I am continually amazed at your details. My mouth drops open every time.

johala said...

Hello Laura
I love it, wonderful idea!!!!
Hugs and kisses

claude said...

très poétique

Theresa said...

this is just lovely!!

sheilaAR said...

Wonderful, Laura!! Your Mermaid and Underwater images are some of my favorites, so beautiful! I love what you have created with this lantern. Happy Spring Everyone!

Jackie PN said...

Absolutely Fabulous Laura!! Truly amazing! I just love your mermaids and this lantern you have repurposed!