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Saturday, March 26, 2016


In the desert where I live, I have a  little walled-in courtyard in front of my house, which is my secret garden.  Here I plant all kinds of things that you don’t normally see in the desert.  With lots of water, shade, and protection from wild animals, it is a small oasis of color.
Using my own special place as the springboard for a project, I created a secret garden tunnel book (video tutorial further down in the post).  This fantasy garden is hidden away behind a door and through a tunnel of ever-smaller openings.  As you look through the door, you’ll see images peeking out through the openings on each page.  Standing on the stairs are two children, wondering whether or not to enter, while the owl peers down at them. 
Each part of the garden is unique and filled with flowers and flying creatures.


Feel free to download this image and use it in your artwork.


claude said...

what beautiful gardens : thank your for sharing

Annie said...

Laura this is absolutely beautiful !!! I absolutely adore your projects and this one is definitely a favourite.
You add the most wonderful details, which can be viewed on every page of your beautiful garden journal.

Thank You for sharing and your little garden oasis looks amazing too

Happy Easter
Annie :-)

sheilaAR said...

Gorgeous, Laura!! As usual, the details amaze and inspire me. Love!! I used to live in NM and also had a "secret garden oasis" within the outside walls surrounding our little adobe home. So fun. xoxo sheila

Teri Calia said...

This is gorgeous, Laura!

Unknown said...

I love tunnel books and you have created an especially beautiful one. I especially love all the three dimensionality of each of the panels. Just beautiful - thanks for sharing not only the project but how you created it

papercraftgoddess said...

Oh WOW! How do you keep doing this??? Time and time again???? I wish I had your seemingly constant flow of creativity. As well as your engineering skillz.

Love everything about this...also love your secret garden! We should all have one of those!! Btw...I don't know if you know about this but, if you plant bulbs, there are little wire cages you can put the bulbs in and bury them in the ground. Predators can't get them and they grow through the wire. Here in NC they are a necessity for spring bulbs. Either a cage or a .22 But most people don't like gunshots at 5am so I stick with the cages. heh heh

Barbara said...

I love it , I've already put the mold on my wish list. You do such beautiful work and are so insipireing I love all your projects. Thank you so much.

Marfi-topia said...

as usual your artwork stuns me!! this is fabulous!!!!!!

Birgit said...

Dear Laura,

What I love most about this post is not just your beautiful creation. No, it's your lovely garden! :) It's amazing how lush it looks, considering that you live in a dry desert climate. So very beautiful.